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Here Are The Most Awkward Moments From Taylor Swift And Harry Styles' Run-In

I knew you were trouble when you walked the hotel lobby where we've both awkwardly found ourselves.

Uncomfortable encounters with ex-boyfriends who have inspired whole albums of music are always the WORST, right? Well that's exactly what happened to Taylor Swift a couple of nights ago.

TayTay was in the lobby of the Sunset Marquis Hotel with her pals from Haim, when someone whom she knew was trouble walked in.

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And the following few moments were as painfully awkward as any encounter with someone who has ripped your heart out and stamped on it*.


The first awkward moment comes as Harry walks over to the group, and rather than look at him, Taylor deploys the classic "OH I'VE JUST RECEIVED A TEXT MESSAGE, BETTER READ IT IMMEDIATELY" strategy.

TMZ / Via

As Harry continues his conversation with one of the group, and Taylor's pals fail to begin a conversation with her, she just looks away.

TMZ / Via

Meanwhile, Harry continues his conversation with people mere metres away from Taylor.

TMZ / Via

As everyone else is seemingly oblivious to the intense awkwardness, Taylor has no choice but to nervously play with her fringe and just look at the floor.

TMZ / Via

Then Harry kind of looks over in her direction, maybe in an attempt to make eye contact, but Taylor continues to avoid his gaze.

TMZ / Via

Taylor then resorts to walking away, but no one follows :(

TMZ / Via

Taylor turns back around, gives her friends the "FOR GOD'S SAKE CAN WE ACTUALLY GO NOW?" look and eventually they get the message.

tmz / Via

Harry walks in the opposite direction, before turning around to look at the group. Taylor, however, does not look back, which is totally a physical manifestation of her attitude towards their whole damn relationship.

TMZ / Via

You go, Taylor.

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