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8 Genuinely Batshit Conspiracy Theories Celebrities Have Had To Deny

From Lea Michele being illiterate to Khloé Kardashian's paternity, these theories are intense.

1. Lea Michele never learned to read or write

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Perhaps one of the silliest yet strangely compelling celebrity conspiracy theories of all time emerged from a 40 minute Facebook video in which two Lea Michele super-fans, Jaye Hunt and Robert Ackerman, posited that the actor had never learned to read or write. Their theory began after Lea’s Glee co-star Naya Rivera revealed she would often refuse to improvise her lines and only speak what was written for her.

This then led into them analysing everything from the fact that her Instagram captions often contain emojis rather than words, to an appearance on The Ellen Show where she struggled in a game requiring her to read and write.

After the video went massively viral, Lea responded with this tweet which serves as concrete proof that she is, in fact, literate.

Twitter: @LeaMichele

She went on to describe the eruption of the theory as "the most bizarre experience of [her] life."

2. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were in a secret relationship

Since One Direction were one of the first boybands whose fans had grown up and existed online, it was only a matter of time before an internet conspiracy theory developed around them.

And, following hours of analysing videos, interviews, paparazzi photos and small hidden “clues” spanning everything from body language to matching tattoos, a portion of the fanbase developed a theory that Harry and Louis were secretly dating.

However, Louis finally addressed the theory in 2017, saying that there was “obviously no truth to it.”

Speaking to The Sun, he said

“It's a funny thing, people can believe what they want to believe. But it's like anything – if you Google "Conspiracy on iPhones," you're going to get a conspiracy. So it's one of these things that people love to buy into, but in reality obviously there's no truth to it. Obviously.

And he went on to say that the theory had even affected his friendship with Harry.

Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images

He said:

It created this atmosphere between the two of us where everyone was looking into everything we did. It took away the vibe you get off anyone. It made everything a little bit more unapproachable. I think [what's happened since] shows that it was never anything "real" if I can use that word.

3. Beyoncé faked her first pregnancy

Afp / AFP / Getty Images, Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Speculation about whether or not Beyoncé was actually carrying her own child began from the moment she announced to the world that she was pregnant by unveiling her “baby bump” at the MTV VMAs in 2011. At the time, theorists argued that her bump was too prominent for the stage of pregnancy Beyoncé was purportedly at, and this was bolstered when she went on to tell two separate media outlets two different due dates. At first, she revealed she was due in February 2012, and then later said January 2012, with Blue actually arriving on 7 January.

But the theory went into overdrive when footage of Beyoncé's bump appearing to fold in on itself went viral. This prompted speculation that Beyoncé was wearing prosthetics in order to fake her pregnancy while actually using a surrogate.

And, when it came to Blue’s birth, Beyoncé and Jay Z reportedly paid $1.3 million to “seal off and redecorate a wing at an upper East Side hospital” to ensure privacy. This led theorists to suggest that the heightened privacy was to keep the surrogate underwraps.

However, Beyoncé denied the theory in her 2013 documentary, Life is But a Dream. “It’s actually the most ridiculous rumour I think I’ve ever had about me,” she said. “But there are actually a lot of people that believe this rumour and it’s crazy.”


She also documented her pregnancy in the film, from the moment she first felt the baby kick to footage of her growing bump. And Beyoncé even revealed that she'd experienced a miscarriage two years prior to conceiving Blue.


Addressing the fakery theory in the context of these losses, she said: “I respect mothers and women so much. To be able to experience bringing a child into this world, if you're lucky and fortunate enough to experience that, I would never ever take that for granted. It's the most powerful thing you can do in your life – and especially after losing a child, the pain and trauma from that just makes it mean that much more...a child, you don't play around with that."

4. OJ Simpson is Khloé Kardashian’s real dad

Kris Jenner

The theory emerged after Kris Jenner published an autobiography in 2011 which detailed the affair she had while married to Robert Kardashian. Because Khloé doesn't resemble her siblings as much as they do each other, people began expressing doubt that Robert Kardashian was really Khloé's biological father. It was then suggested that OJ Simpson, who was close friends with Kris and Robert for many years, was her real dad.

Theorists bolstered their claims by comparing Khloé’s facial features with those of OJ and his daughter Sydney, before drawing the conclusion that she resembled them more than her Kardashian relatives.

National Enquirer

The theory became so enduring that it was addressed in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where Kris begged Khloé to undergo a DNA test to prove her paternity.


And, although Khloé refused the test, she and her siblings have made numerous jokes about the OJ theory.


In one scene, Kourtney found old correspondence between Robert Kardashian and OJ Simpson. She held it up and told Khloé: "Here's a letter from your dad." Another time, Khloé responded to an Instagram commenter who said she “looked white in this picture,” with: “I don't know... Some days I'm OJ's daughter. Others I'm Robert's daughter."

But OJ denied the theory himself in January this year.

Pool / Getty Images

When asked whether he had any comment on Khloé's pregnancy, OJ said: “Well, for Bob [Kardashian], God bless his soul, yeah. I don't know for me. I don't think for me I have nothing to do with it. I would be proud ... but trust me, I had nothing to do with it.”

5. Nicolas Cage is a vampire

Sascha Steinbach / Getty Images

The theory began when an auction appeared on eBay for a photo taken in 1870 showing a man who looked very like Nicolas Cage alongside the description: “Nicolas Cage is a vampire.” The Daily Mail did some digging and found that the photo came from the Civil War era, and was discovered in an album filled with strange death portraits, but the one of “Nicolas Cage” did not include a name. Of course, the internet had a meltdown over the discovery, and the notion of Nicolas as a vampire became a meme.

Things got so out of hand that Nicolas addressed the theory in 2011. Pointing out that vampires cannot be photographed, Nicolas went on: "Now look, I don't drink blood and the last time I looked in the mirror I had a reflection.”

Sascha Steinbach / Getty Images

6. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s relationship was for a music video

Splash News

You probably remember the summer of 2016 when Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were photographed kissing on the rocks outside her Rhode Island home before embarking on a world tour of PDAs. Within 10 days, Taylor had met Tom’s mother and after three weeks together they’d been photographed no less than 24 times. Over the course of three months they visited LA, New York, Nashville, Rhode Island, the UK, Australia and Italy, with things reaching a climax when Tom was photographed at Taylor’s annual 4th of July party wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan: “I <3 T.S.”

People were suspicious of the relationship from the start, and the fact that the same paparazzi agency were capturing the exclusive shots of the pair on every outing led to a conspiracy theory slowly forming which posited that the pair were actually engaged some form of performance art.

FameFlynet, Goff Pictures

The theory suggested that Taylor and Tom were reenacting some of the more iconic moments from her previous relationships to be pieced together into a subversive visual album as a comment on fame, public romances and the obsession with Taylor’s relationships.

The theory suggested that the music video would precede Taylor’s next album release and coincide with Tom’s possible Emmy nomination for The Night Manager, providing maximum promotion for both.

The Image Direct

However, in September 2017 the pair announced their split after three months together...and no music video ever materialised.

Despite the pair never actually commenting on the theory, the fact that a music video never materialised is pretty solid proof that it was false.


However, Taylor did appear to acknowledge the relationship in the video for "Look What You Made Me Do," during a scene in which eight men — presumably representing her eight public relationships — performed while wearing tank tops with “I <3 T.S” on them.

7. Beyoncé & Jay-Z are part of the Illuminati

Mike Coppola / Getty Images

This theory purports that Beyoncé and Jay Z are two of the key members of the Illuminati — an alleged secret group that controls finances and incites chaos to deflect from the fact that they literally run the world. Everything from Jay’s signature hand sign for Roc Nation being interpreted as the same as the Illuminati triangle, to reverse playing Beyoncé songs to find secret messages have been explored to further this theory.

However, Beyonce responded to the theory in her song "Formation," which opens with the line: “Y'all haters corny with that illuminati mess.”

8. And, finally, Kim Kardashian had an affair with Drake

Michael Steele / Getty Images, Getty Images

This theory emerged seemingly out of nowhere after a Twitter user analysed some of the lyrics from Drake’s new album, Scorpion, and came to the conclusion that Drake had been having an affair with Kim Kardashian after falling out with Kanye West. It was noted that in one track, Drake refers to a woman named “Kiki” — one of Kim’s nicknames — who is addressed as being someone’s “wifey,” the refrain of which used the same vocal patterns as Kanye’s track, “Runaway.”

In another song, Drake rapped: "I crept down the block, made a right." It was noted that, according to Google maps, you can get from Drake's house to Kimye's by walking down the block and making a right.

Twitter: @tmorrison24

Added to that, a series of apparently corresponding Instagram posts between the pair and a conspiracy theory was born.

However, Kim swiftly shut the whole down by responding to a post on The Shade Room detailing the theory with a comment saying: “Never happened. End of story."

And that's the truth, people!

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