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    16 Celebrity Men Who Should Just Cut The Crap And Become Single

    Like seriously. Now.

    1. David Beckham.

    Why?: Because no man in the history of ever has looked this good in just his underwear.

    2. Jamie Dornan.

    Why?: Don't pretend that you don't want him to remove his shirt and pin you up against the wall in a lift because I KNOW YOU'RE LYING.

    3. Justin Timberlake.

    Why?: He sings! He dances! He acts! He has a six pack! He's everything we could ever want in a man! But he's married!

    Brb, sitting in a corner and crying forever.

    4. Ryan Gosling.

    Why?: Because. Ryan. Gosling.

    5. Bradley Cooper.

    Why?: Because those beautiful blue eyes would pierce your soul and bring you so much joy every day for the rest of your life.

    6. Benedict Cumberbatch.

    Why?: Because he's just taken a shower for you – that's just the kind of thoughtful guy he is.

    7. Ryan Reynolds.

    Why?: Because there is no other human on the planet who has puppy dog eyes this good.

    Oh and he also looks pretty fucking incredible when he's half-naked too.

    8. Robert Pattinson.

    Why?: Because when he smiles angels in heaven grow wings.

    9. Chris Pratt.

    Why?: Because he can play the guitar and do French plaits and an excellent impression of the cast of TOWIE.

    He also looks pretty good shirtless and angry.

    10. Channing Tatum.

    Why?: Because he'd tell you you look beautiful every day and strip on demand and, frankly, if you have that then you will be happy forever.

    11. Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

    Why?: Because he has the most mesmerising dimples of all time. And he proudly calls himself a feminist which probably makes you want to have his babies immediately.

    12. Chris Hemsworth.

    Why?: Well, unless you find Australian accents, smouldering stares and rippling muscles a turn off...

    13. Sam Claflin.

    Why?: Because he's so ridiculously cute it's almost painful.

    14. Aaron Paul.

    Why?: Because THAT FACE. He's also the most romantic man in the world if his Instagram posts about his wife are anything to go by.


    15. Matthew McConaughey.

    Why?: Because that smile is a work of art, and everything in life is better for it. And we'd like to gaze at it every single day.

    16. Tom Hardy.

    Why?: Sorry, I would write something here but that wink just KILLED ME.