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29 Times Tom Hardy Was Goddamn Human Perfection In 2015

He's spent the year cuddling dogs and shutting down sexist questions. Oh, and taking his top off too.

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15. Then he kissed the dog and it was pretty damn cute, but let's not kid ourselves, we were all mainly looking at those rippling back muscles.


But just when we were all, "Sure he looks hot as hell with his top off and he's cute when he's petting dogs, and yes I suppose he's a good actor too, but what else could he possibly bring to the table because this is a perfect man, right here."


23. So when he was asked this frankly ridiculous question, he shut it down in the best possible way.

24. And he went on to say this.

25. Oh, and also that he has a “tremendous and profound respect” for women.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

27. First of all, he shut down this question about his sexuality.

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