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27 Times Taylor Swift Failed So Hard She Almost Won

So adorably awkward.

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2. When she was asked how weird she was and took it too far.


5. When she went on the radio and proceeded to just talk about whales.


10. When she was asked to guess how many YouTube views 'Everything Has Changed" has (111 million) and gave this wildly optimistic answer.

12. When she attempted a stunt in the "Bad Blood" video.

13. When she went on The Voice and didn't understand how the cameras worked.

14. When she was forced to admit that she maybe needs to curb her love of cats.


18. When she had the realisation that this Harry Styles fan only wanted a picture with him. :((((


20. When she couldn't work out how to peel a boiling hot prawn.

22. When she was forced to reflect on her worst fashion mistakes.

23. When she was both confused and horrified at the suggestion she try Tinder.

Don't blame her though, tbh.


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