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    21 Times Kourtney And Scott Made "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"

    Two words: Todd Kraines.

    1. When this exchange happened.

    2. Also this one.

    3. When Scott proved that he really does listen to what Kourtney says.

    4. When they danced like this <3

    5. When Scott tried to convince Kourtney to spice things up in the bedroom with a knock-knock joke.

    6. When Scott was all, like, WTF?

    7. And when he decided to wear a tuxedo to witness the birth of his second child.

    8. When Scott reassured Kourtney that their family would be even better after baby number two.

    9. When Scott made light of what was actually quite a serious situation.

    10. When Scott shattered all of Kourtney's romantic dreams.

    11. Two words: Todd. Kraines.

    Seriously. It'll never get old.

    12. When Scott and Mason did this and Kourtney just MELTED.

    13. When they offered Kim some parental advice.

    14. When Kourtney expertly shut Scott down.

    15. When Scott bought a cane with the express purpose of annoying Kourtney.

    "It's my new fashion accessory for the fall."

    16. When he paid her this compliment.

    17. When they have conversations like this...

    18. ...But are never cuter than when they're with their kids.

    19. ...Especially when Kim comes round in a red wig and scares Mason.

    20. Because, despite all the dramz, they're the only couple to have made it through all nine seasons of the show.

    21. And they're way better together than they ever would be apart.