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    16 Times Kate Middleton Proved She's Utterly Flawless

    A goddess among women.

    1. This is Kate Middleton. You might be familiar with her. She is pretty much perfect.

    2. She looked perfect at the Order of the Garter Service in June 2014.

    3. At a visit to Bletchley Park in June 2014, where her hair looked voluminous and amazing.

    4. At her engagement announcement in November 2010.

    5. But she can pull off any hairstyle and still look amazing.

    6. She was flawless during a visit to Taronga Zoo in Sydney in April 2014...

    7. ...At a playgroup with Prince George in New Zealand...

    8. And exiting aeroplanes on numerous occasions.

    No mean feat when you're wearing heels, a dress, and holding a wriggly baby.

    9. She even looks perfect when Prince George is giving her the runaround.

    10. And when she's having to steer boats or play sports.

    11. Or drinking anything from wine to tea.

    12. So feminine, so flawless...

    ...From every angle.

    13. See?

    14. She even looked perfect after being hospitalised for acute morning sickness.

    15. And 24 hours after giving birth.

    When she had to leave hospital to hundreds of the world's media photographing and filming her every move.

    16. But we don't think she's ever looked as flawless as she did on her wedding day.

    Congratulations, Kate, on being flawless.