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24 Times Daisy Ridley Was As Badass In Real Life As She Is In "Star Wars"

Shutting down trolls, standing up for women and slaying every red carpet she steps foot on.

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1. Rey, from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, is one badass female character. But it turns out that the actress who plays her – Daisy Ridley – is just as badass in real life.

2. First up, she makes A+ comments like this – because she wants to be seen as a human being rather than just a token woman in a movie.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images / Via

3. Then there's the fact she's a massive fan of girl power.

And then men in the movie are an afterthought.

And then men in the movie are an afterthought.

4. And she talks up her female co-stars at every possible opportunity.

5. Like the time she praised Carrie Fisher as well as being modest AF because, hello Daisy, you are an idol.

6. Because her badassery has won her a whole load of female fans.

Instagram: @daisyridley

*Heart explodes*

7. Which is unsurprising given that this was what she hoped young girls would gain from watching Rey.

8. And she's spoken about how grateful she is to be representing women in a male-dominated industry. 💪

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

9. Then there was the time when she shut down trolls on Instagram – in this perfect, respectful way.

Instagram: @daisyridley

10. And when she asked people to think twice before they leave shaming comments anywhere online.

Instagram: @daisyridley


11. She's also pretty good at shutting down sexist questions too – like when she admitted that when she's asked who her Star Wars "crushes" are, she bypasses the men and says this instead.

12. Her friendship with John Boyega is beyond cute.

13. And she's proud to star in a movie that's representative of everyone.

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14. In fact, her pride about being in the film is pretty damn amazing, too.

Instagram: @daisyridley

15. Look how happy she was when she bumped into a storm trooper in Japan.

Instagram: @daisyridley

16. Oh, and this is her crying ACTUAL TEARS when watching the Star Wars trailer for the first time.

Instagram: @daisyridley

17. She's not afraid to poke fun at herself – like when she shared this screengrab from an interview.

Instagram: @daisyridley

18. And her disappointment about meeting Gwen Stefani while wearing a massive sweater.

Instagram: @daisyridley

19. But let's face it: She goddamn slays 100% of the time.

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20. I mean. Come on now.

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21. She's not just badass, but a complete babe too.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

22. She still hasn't quite got the hang of this whole ~celebrity status~ thing.

Instagram: @daisyridley

23. And had the best response to this appallingly bad joke.

24. But, finally, it's pretty clear that she is all of us.

Instagram: @daisyridley