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    27 Times Chrissy Teigen's Instagram Was Actually Better Than Her Twitter

    Seriously, the captions deserve a goddamn AWARD.

    1. When she treated herself.

    2. When she ate so much she "felt like human garbage," but just kept going anyway.

    3. And when she ate a "cake" made of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy with absolutely no regrets.

    4. But then was all of us trying to ~eat healthily~.

    5. When she shared this photo of Donald Trump on his birthday, with a pretty spectacular caption.

    6. When she showed her appreciation for her husband slash new DILF with this caption.

    7. When John bought her a cheese wheel and she lost her actual mind with joy.

    8. When she mocked her fake-tan capabilities.

    9. When she posted the perfect selfie...

    10. ...but also the failed attempt. 😂

    11. When she couldn't resist this photo opportunity.

    12. When she was less than impressed with her anniversary gift.

    13. When her modeling career took a new direction.

    14. When she had no time for ~fat-free, sugar-free~ recipes.

    15. When she was all of us looking at this slice of pie.

    16. When she gave us a sneak peek of her gym gear.

    17. When she showed us what a romantic night in is like in the Legend–Teigen household.

    18. When she showed us the glamour that goes on behind the scenes.

    19. When she shut down trolls in the most sarcastic, perfect way possible.

    20. When her home renovations were coming along slowly.

    21. When she described her goddamn huge burrito in the most unappetising but perfect way.

    22. When she interrupted her glam routine in order to check on her banana bread.

    23. When she made this terrible joke.

    24. When she had no shame in her dog-photoshoot game.

    25. When she took her beauty regimen to the plane.

    26. When she shared a photo of an ENTIRELY NAKED John Legend.

    27. And, finally, when she made every woman alive feel better after posting this photo of her stretchmarks.

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