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28 Times Anna Kendrick Gave Zero F*cks

She likes gin and doesn't care who knows it.

1. When she was asked to give advice about being nominated for an Oscar and gave this sassy response.

2. And when she didn't care for lengthy dating advice, so just said this instead.

3. When she had no time for sexiness unless it involved clean surroundings.

4. When she made this peak DGAF comment during her Ice Bucket Challenge video.

5. When she made this very un-showbiz admission, because, let's face it, nothing makes anyone happier than Netflix and junk food.

6. And she really doesn't care who knows it.

7. Because she just isn't bothered about being ~cool~.

8. When she just straight-up confessed her love for Taco Bell.

9. And didn't mind expressing her darkest secret on TV.

10. When she cut straight to asking just how wasted she was going to get on this talk show.

11. And made it clear that when she goes out, she really goes for it.

12. In fact, she really doesn't give a damn about making jokes about being drunk.

13. Because she likes gin and doesn't care who knows it, OK?

14. When she had no qualms about admitting her shortcomings.

15. Because who the hell can do everything, anyway?

16. When she was more than up for playing egg roulette, even if it involved getting seriously messy.

17. And then proved that she didn't care in the most badass way possible.

18. Because, ultimately, she's always the first to poke fun at herself.

19. As well as the first to share her embarrassing moments.

20. Because she really doesn't care about being weird.

21. And why shouldn't she express her girl crushes?

22. Especially when they involve stories like this.

23. When she was all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ over the royal baby.

24. When she wasn't concerned about owning this (actually kinda rude) question.

25. And when she gave this A+ response to this question, too.

26. When she made it clear she didn't really understand or care about fashion trends.

27. When she adopted this persona and didn't mind sharing the details.

28. And, finally, when she had this perfect response to the men worried that liking Pitch Perfect would make them less ~manly~.

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