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    25 Small Things Celebs Did In August 2007 That Prove How Times Have Changed

    August 2007 was so long ago that Keeping Up With the Kardashians didn't even have a title.

    1. On 8 August 2007, it was announced that an as-yet-untitled new "non-scripted family sitcom" starring a little-known family called the Kardashian/Jenners was coming to E!

    Keeping Up With the Kardashians would premiere in October, and remains on the air a decade later.

    2. The news came just one week after Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie announced that their show, The Simple Life, was coming to an end after four years.


    3. However, until KUWTK made her a bonafide star, Kim was spending August 2007 attending celebrity gifting parties in order to pick up the latest designer handbags.

    Chris Weeks / WireImage

    4. She was also dressing in red satin while posing outside steak restaurants.

    Chris Weeks / WireImage

    5. Paris Hilton, meanwhile, was being paid to pose in clothing shops dressed head to toe in gold sequins.

    J Vespa / WireImage

    6. And hysteria followed her everywhere she went.

    Jean Baptiste Lacroix / WireImage

    7. Paris's BFF turned arch-nemesis, Nicole Richie, had just announced that she and boyfriend Benji Madden were expecting their first baby.

    Kevin Mazur / WireImage

    Their daughter Harlow was born in January 2008, with their son Sparrow arriving the following year.

    8. The Kardashian sisters did make their first red carpet appearance together in August 2007, though.

    Chad Buchanan / Getty Images

    9. But Kim was just a glint in future husband Kanye West's eye. In 2007 he was still engaged to Alexis Phifer and lowkey dressing like a kids' TV presenter.

    John Ricard / FilmMagic

    Later that year, Kanye's long pursuit of Kim began after he saw a photo of her with Paris Hilton, and asked a friend: "Have you seen that girl Kim Kar-dijon?"

    10. In August 2007, Miley Cyrus looked like this.

    Mark Sullivan / WireImage

    11. And backstage at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards she hung out with some baby-faced Jonas Brothers. 💗

    Kevin Mazur / WireImage

    A year later, Miley revealed that she and Joe Jonas had been dating for two years and she was devastated by their breakup.

    12. These two had just started dating.

    Getty Images

    A decade later, they're still going strong.

    13. And a 13-year-old Justin Bieber was busking during his summer holidays.

    Getty Images

    14. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt had just got engaged.

    Mark Sullivan / WireImage

    A decade later, they're expecting their first baby.

    15. Just a week after Heidi flashed her engagement ring to the paparazzi, The Hills entered its third season. Rumours of a Lauren Conrad sex tape had been swirling all summer, and the premiere drew in a record 5 million viewers as a result.


    The third season opened with this iconic episode in which Lauren accused Heidi and Spencer of being responsible for spreading the speculation. Years later, in 2015, Spencer would confirm that it was indeed him who leaked the rumour.

    16. And a week after Season 3 made its debut, Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge attended the Teen Choice Awards, where The Hills won Best Reality Show.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Lauren also picked up Choice Female Reality Star.

    17. They then went partying with Brody Jenner because 2007.

    Jean Baptiste Lacroix / WireImage

    18. Victoria Beckham was rocking her trademark blonde ~Pob~ hairstyle, while Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz were still THIS TINY. 😭

    Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

    19. Back in August 2007, these two were everyone's favourite couple.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    High School Musical 2 premiered on 17 August 2007, with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens sweeping the board at the Teen Choice Awards 10 days later, winning four gongs between them, including ~Choice Chemistry~.

    20. Showbiz's Most Alternative Couple™️, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, were also still going strong.

    Paul Warner / WireImage

    In fact, the following year they tied the knot and announced her pregnancy two weeks later.

    21. And these women were still drawing in huge audiences.


    In fact, in 2007 Desperate Housewives was reported to be the most popular show in its demographic worldwide, with an audience of 120 million.

    22. Back in August 2007, Taylor Swift was still rocking cowboy boots and making guest appearances on American Idol.

    Getty Images

    23. She was also invited to read out the nominees for the 2007 Country Music Association Awards, where she picked up a gong for New Female Vocalist of the Year.

    Tom Burns / Getty Images

    These days she wins literally every award ever.

    24. Meanwhile, her future boyfriend (and then ex-boyfriend,) Calvin Harris was spending the summer playing festivals.

    John Gunion / Redferns

    25. And, finally, Rihanna was parading around town with an umbrella-shaped walking stick after injuring her foot because "Umbrella" had become the iconic song of the summer.

    James Devaney / WireImage

    Fun fact: The summer of 2007 in the UK was the wettest on record, and "Umbrella" remained at number one in the charts for 10 consecutive weeks – the longest run at number one for any single of that decade.