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    Scott Disick Grabbed Kourtney Kardashian's Boob On Snapchat So They Should Probably Just Get Back Together

    Let's cut the crap and just work things out, OK guys?

    We all know that Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian went their separate ways last June, after nine years together.

    And since then there have been some pretty heartbreaking moments.

    But, since Kourtney joined Snapchat two weeks ago, Scott has featured in several of her Snaps. And it seems that they're now in a better place.

    At first we were treated to Kourtney annoying Scott with her incessant Snapping.

    And asking her followers if they thought Scott pumped his own gas at the garage.

    Before telling everyone to "relax" and that the fact they're spending time together isn't an indication of anything ~romantic.~

    However, this weekend things between the pair seemed to kick up a notch.

    Scott got all our hopes up in this Snap, where he says: "Hey, we wanted you guys to hear it first. We are getting back together," before leaning to kiss Kourtney.

    But, she pulled away, said "No", and cut the Snap off. So of course he was only joking.

    But can we just take a minute to appreciate her happy face? 😍

    BUT then THIS happened. Scott, at the end of this Snap, actually grabs Kourtney's boob. GRABS HER BOOB.

    And to round off the weekend, the pair joined their son Mason in the garden, where he covered them in silly string. And this perfect Snap appeared.

    So, all things considered, it's very clear they need to cut the crap and work things out.

    Please. 🙏