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29 Times "Gavin And Stacey" Was Actually Fucking Hilarious

"O-Bama, O-Sama, two very different people with very different ideas."

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2. When Doris gave Stacey some dating advice.

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Doris: "The thing to remember is, don't go giving him nothing on the first night."

Stacey: "Really?"

Doris: "A kiss, a cuddle, a cheeky finger, just don't go selling the whole farm."


7. In fact, every time Bryn caught on to technology in general.

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"You have to start everything with a www dot. And the best thing to do is to think of something to help remind you, like with me now, I think of "whiskey with water"


13. But the best moment was when she read out some adapted lyrics to "Ben" at their vow renewal.

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"They don't see you as I do/I wish they would try to/I'm sure they'd think again/If they had a friend like Pete."

15. When Bryn had this T-shirt printed.

"I did it for a joke!"


18. This fail.


24. When Bryn subjected Pam to three hours' worth of James Blunt.

26. When Bryn took his organisation of Gwen's secret party to whole new levels – like not allowing his neighbour into her home.

29. And, finally, when Doris gave precisely no fucks about making that damn salad.


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