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The Who Gave Kanye West A Serious Burn As They Closed Glastonbury

There was drama until the last moment of Glastonbury 2015.

Kanye West caused controversy during his Saturday night headline set at Glastonbury, after repeatedly shouting, "I am the greatest living rock star on the planet." Adam Gray /

Needless to say, people had a lot of ~opinions~ about the statement.

Stop the press: self proclaimed 'biggest rock star on planet' has a robot voice & presses button for sound effect #Kanye #Glasto2015

"You are waiting for the greatest living rockstar of all time!!" *crowd waits expectantly*. Nope #Kanye means himself #Glastonbury

On Sunday evening, The Who took to the stage and Pete Townshend took the opportunity to offer his own opinion on Kanye's big statement.

He suggested that Kanye needed to be sent home because, in actual fact, he isn't the world's biggest rock star.

Brilliant from Pete Townshend! Who is the biggest rock star in the world @kanyewest? #bbcglasto

A lot of people agreed.

Pete Townshend puts Kanye back in his box

I was expecting Pete Townshend to make a Kanye reference and he didn't disappoint. Hero.

..well said Pete Townshend.......excellent...Kanye Who.?!

Others, however, jumped to Kanye's defence.

If Pete Townshend is representing "real rockstars" these days then I don't want to listen to rock anymore.

Imploding with cringe that Pete Townshend even mentioned Kanye's 'greatest rockstar' comment in relation to their shambles of a set...

All those people complaining Kanye was "just shouting", wonder what they think of Daltrey & Townshend's "singing" tonight. #Glastonbury

Kanye, it's over to you.

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