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Sam Smith Has Gone Public With His Boyfriend In These Cute Instagram Photos

We're shipping Samathan hard.

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Sam Smith recently confirmed that he was in the "very early" stages of a relationship with actor Jonathan Zeizel, but that the pair hadn't yet had THE CONVERSATION. / Via

Sam and Jonathan met on the set of Sam's music video "Like I Can", and Sam confirmed their romance in December. He told The Sun: "It's very early days. I'm talking very, very, very early days. But he's really sweet...he was one of 20 extras [in the video]."

He continued: "It's a surreal thing to be talking about because I haven't even confirmed with him that we're officially seeing each other."


But the pair are obviously now official, with Jonathan sharing this snap of them on Instagram. We are hereby naming them "Samathan".

Jonathan also posted this (slightly drunken and amazing) photo of the pair.

Sam then followed suit, posting a series of photos of their Christmas holiday in Australia. He started off with this snap. Strong sunglasses game.

And this one of them posing on a bench.

And this one of Jonathan meeting a sea lion.

brb, dying at the cuteness.

The sea lion REALLY liked Sam.

Next up was a photo of Jonathan taking in the view.

And a boat ride in Sydney Harbour.

Just LOOK at those happy faces.

But then Sam posted a frankly amazing relationship goal and we're now officially obsessed with this couple.