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Sam Smith Shared An Anti-Gay Instagram Account With A Message About LGBT Abuse And Had It Shut Down

He wanted to make it clear that anti-gay abuse is still prevalent every day in society.

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Sam Smith has spoken publicly numerous times about the anti-gay abuse he has received throughout his life.

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He revealed that during his time at school he'd suffered at the hands of bullies, saying, according to The Sun:

A bunch of boys from a rival school would shout insults at me as I walked from my home to the train station. I remember walking to the station getting "f*****" shouted at me all the time. It was the most mortifying thing. Not so much for me. I knew these people were stupid, uneducated twats.

And the abuse hasn't stopped now that he's famous.

Last night, Sam shared a screengrab of an anti-Sam Smith account on Instagram that went by the name of "Gay Sam Smith".

The bio of the account contained more abuse, reading: "there is a fag, his name is sam. when he’s on, I like to cry. he is gay but that’s okay, we can all make fun of him".


Sam shared the image with a caption reminding everyone that abuse directed at LGBT people is still prevalent in society.

At the time Sam posted the screenshot, the account had five followers, but it appears that him sharing the account prompted people to report it to Instagram and it has now been removed.

Slay, Sam. 🙏