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    Posted on Nov 8, 2017

    Sam Smith Plays A Game Of Never Have I Ever

    The singer held absolutely nothing back when BuzzFeed challenged him to this game.

    Sam Smith has become a global success story in just a few short years. However, in recent months he’s been away from the spotlight writing and recording his new album, The Thrill of It All, which has just been released. It's safe to say that we've missed him since he's been away, so we decided to welcome him back with a game of Never Have I Ever. And while we knew a few funny stories would be in store, Sam surpassed our expectations, making everyone in the room crack up on multiple occasions as he refused to hold anything back. Here, he tells us everything from being mistaken for John Newman to cheating on his GCSEs.

    Never have I ever heard a song and thought: "Damn, I wish I'd written that."

    Sam Smith: Yes. Just recently, I would say I had that thought with all of Lorde's new album [Melodrama]. I'm obsessed. My favourite song is "The Louvre". I love that album.

    Never have I ever embarrassed myself on the set of a music video.

    SS: Yes. I was just so painfully hungover. I was basically almost puking the whole time and my eyes were just blood-red. It was quite embarrassing.

    Never have I ever been mistaken for another celebrity.

    SS: All the time. At the beginning of my career, I was interviewed on Radio One. I did a 15-minute interview and at the very end they asked me what I thought of Sam Smith's performance. They thought I was John Newman.

    BuzzFeed: What did you say?!

    SS: I was just like, "Um, I am Sam Smith," and she was like, "Oh, sorry!"


    Never have I ever mistaken another celebrity for someone else.

    SS: No. I'm normally quite good with faces.

    Never have I ever pulled a prank that went wrong.

    SS: No. Sorry. I'm boring.


    Never have I ever googled myself.

    SS: Oh, yeah, 100%. I've stopped now but I got quite addicted at the beginning. Just because Sam Smith is quite a common name on Google, so it was quite exciting that I was at the top of the thing. For a minute.

    BuzzFeed: Did you know some celebrities have Google alerts set up for their names, so any time anything is written about them they're notified?

    SS: Oh, fuck that. Fuuuuuuck that. It's too self-indulgent. It gets to the point where you need to stop looking at yourself, I think.


    Never have I ever forgotten the lyrics to a song during a performance.

    SS: A lot. I did it the other day actually. I was rehearsing for SNL and I forgot all the lyrics to the chorus of "Too Good at Goodbyes".


    Never have I ever told someone I cooked when actually I'd ordered a takeaway.

    SS: No. I'm an honest cooker. And I want to get good at cooking. I'm going to get better and better. It's my retirement plan.


    Never have I ever binged an entire TV show in one day.

    SS: Oh, every day. Whenever I can.

    Never have I ever used my celebrity status to get something.

    SS: Yes. A table in a restaurant, for sure. And one time – as a joke, this was a joke – when I started to become well known, I noticed everyone around me was always getting free shit. Like free clothes, free trainers. So me and Jimmy Napes, who I write with, thought it would be funny to see what the most ridiculous thing I could get for free was. And we said it'd be water. So I just @'d Fiji constantly on my Twitter for a week until they sent me free water. I don't get it any more, though.

    At this point, Sam's publicist asks him to take his chewing gum out, which he does, and then he sticks it behind his ear. As everyone in the room laughs and said: "Urghhh!" in unison, Sam exclaims: "What?! It keeps it fresh!" When his publicist reminds him that the moment had now been caught on camera, Sam says: "Oh, I don't care. One time I left it there for a long time and the guy I was getting with saw it behind my ear."


    Anyway, back to the game...

    Never have I ever Instagram-stalked someone and accidentally liked a photo from months ago.

    SS: No. [At this point our prop broke, but of course Sam handled it like a pro]


    Never have I ever cheated on a test.

    SS: Yes. Will I get in trouble for this? My GCSEs. Sometimes I used to write some of the maths sums on my rubber or on my thigh, and then put a hole in my trousers and open it up. I still got a C.

    BuzzFeed: The best thing I've seen with cheating recently is girls wearing false nails and then sticking the answers on a piece of paper on the inside.

    SS: That is genius! I think it should be allowed, to cheat. You can only fit in a small amount. It's not like you're bringing in a book.


    Never have I ever re-gifted a present.

    SS: No, never.

    Never have I ever tweeted something and then deleted it out of regret.

    SS: Yeah, I've tweeted loads of people before with spelling mistakes, and so I've had to delete them.


    Never have I ever broken a bone.

    SS. No. Well, actually, I broke my little toe. But I don't think that counts because you don't have to do anything if you break your toe.

    Never have I ever given someone a fake number.

    SS: Yeah, a guy I met in a bar once. It was the most ridiculous fake phone number as well. It was, like, 014448, or something like that.


    Never have I ever looked at a partner's texts without permission.

    SS: No.

    And finally, never have I ever cancelled plans because I just wanted to stay at home and chill.

    SS: Oh my god, all the time.


    Thanks for being such a good sport, Sam!

    Sam Smith's new album The Thrill of It All is out now.

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