A Brief Reminder That Paris Hilton And Kim Kardashian Used To Wear The Same Clothes

    Never forget.

    Paris Hilton claims to have "created" Kim Kardashian, after she worked as her stylist (and unofficial maid) during the early days of The Simple Life.

    Kim's general role appeared to be to clean Paris' closet.

    Like, literally all the time.

    Oh, and Kim wasn't allowed to talk when Paris was talking.

    Then they had a bit of a falling out and Paris and Nicole made comments like this:

    But despite now being a fashion ICON and married to Mr Fashion himself, Kanye West, Kim used to spend her days modeling herself on Paris.

    Look at those chic flat caps and sunglasses.

    And those contrasting silver and gold shiny bags they carted around everywhere. Sometimes Kim was even allowed to carry the gold one.

    Then they began to rock very similar outfits.

    Worryingly similar.

    But then they started to actually wear the EXACT same clothes.

    Oh yes.


    Definitely not.

    Never forget.