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Here's Proof Nicki Minaj Didn't Photoshop Her Latest Instagram Photo

Let's face it, she's flawless.

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There have been numerous occasions in the past where celebrities have been accused of photoshopping their Instagram photos.

In fact, we even found an app that the celebrities could be using to make these digital alterations.

These alterations are easy to spot, by looking at distortions and warping around the area of the celebrity's body that have been retouched.

Instagram: @kimkardashian

These apps require the user to pinch the photo into place, which causes the rest of the image to bend in the same direction. The fact the distortion also occurs around Kim Kardashian's waist and torso (above) suggests these were the areas that were being retouched.

So, when Nicki Minaj posted this photo on Instagram over the weekend, it's not surprising that her followers were quick to suggest it had been retouched.

@H8UHOES @NICKIMINAJ Definitely photoshop. The dude's leg is in the shape of her ass.

Photoshop failed 🌚

Nicki Minaj isn't too good with photoshop lol


However, Nicki then took to Instagram to share this screenshot of a conversation with a friend in which she denied the use of Photoshop, blaming the distortion on a shadow.

And, as many other people pointed out, Nicki is in possession of the most flawless body in showbiz, so she definitely doesn't need Photoshop.

As if people think Nicki Minaj edited that photo, damn U seen her booty??? she probs doesn't even know what Photoshop is 🔥👀