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    16 Movie Characters Who Were So Terrible They Almost Ruined The Whole Film


    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the movie character they just cannot stand. Here are the best responses.

    1. Frodo Baggins, The Lord of the Rings

    New Line Cinema

    I'm sorry, I know he carries the "burden" of the ring, but did he really have to be so useless? He can't defend himself, he's always almost getting killed and then has to be saved by everyone, and all he does is cry and whine. Sam is the true hero of LOTR.

    — Olga Zg, Facebook

    I hate him. He is constantly moaning or slowing everyone down. Samwise has to look after Frodo as well as go on this crazy adventure and face all the same problems as Frodo before CARRYING HIM UP THE MOUNTAIN! And then at the end, everyone acts like Frodo is the greatest hero! No! He was absolutely the worst of all the hobbits in the trilogy.


    2. Ron Weasley, Harry Potter

    Warner Bros

    He was so freaking annoying! I couldn't stand him. He was an ignorant, messy, selfish prick. Honestly, he should have ended up with Lavender because she was just as bad as him. Poor Hermione could have done so much much better than that.

    Xenia Greenstein

    3. Mark, Love Actually

    Universal Pictures

    He was such a dick to Keira Knightley's character, was a creep over that wedding video nonsense, and then declared his love for her (despite her being married to his best friend). That whole "being mean to someone you like" crap is so fifth grade.

    — Jane Glicini, Facebook

    4. Bella Swan, Twilight

    Summit Entertainment

    Twilight would have been an infinitely better series if Bella had been completely removed, and the books were about immortal vampires trying to keep their true nature under wraps while navigating daily life in the late 2000s. High school hijinks with supernatural powers are way more interesting than the overdone "I'm a totally blank female character in love with someone who's way more interesting than me but I'm still going to end up the most important character in the whole story for some reason".

    — Tori Towns, Facebook

    5. Loki, the Marvel Universe


    It drives me crazy that they keep trying to paint him as "morally ambiguous" when over and over again he's proven that he's perfectly willing to kill millions of innocent people to get more power. I feel like perpetuating the whole, "yes he's done some really terrible things but he's really got a good heart, deep down" trope is one of those romantic ideals that keep people in abusive relationships.


    6. Kevin McCallister's entire family, Home Alone

    20th Century Fox

    Seriously, does no one recognise that Buzz is a budding psychopath at fault for every conflict? And Kevin's mom provides zero guidance on packing a suitcase before banishing him to a scary attic as punishment? I KNOW it's supposed to be exaggerated so they can all come together and appreciate one another at the end, but yeesh — I didn't realise just how mean everyone was until I became a parent myself.

    — alih4adc14c8f

    7. Julianne Potter, My Best Friend's Wedding

    TriStar Pictures

    She was obnoxious and cruel and tried to destroy her "best friend's" life just because she was jealous that he was getting married. I honestly struggled to watch the film because I hated her character so much.

    — ashleighb4214e0de6

    8. Timon and Pumbaa, The Lion King


    Seriously, if I were in Simba's place, exiled with no way back home and under the impression that I had just indirectly murdered my own father, while having to deal with those two telling me to have no worries and comparing my situation to Pumbaa's FARTING PROBLEM of all things, I wouldn't be smiling and singing along, I'd be frustrated and trying to get away from them. I don't get why Disney loves them so much enough to give them so many spinoffs.

    Bia Barreto

    9. Anastasia Steele, Fifty Shades of Grey

    Focus Features

    Christian tells her he's not a "flowers and hearts" kind of guy because of his past and is only into BDSM, and yet she's so desperate for him to love her that she submits to him. She drastically lowers her standards for him and would essentially take a spanking over a hug just so he'll touch her. She seemed oblivious to the fact that he only wanted her as a submissive despite him telling her countless times.


    10. Professor Snape, Harry Potter

    Warner Bros

    I HATE Snape. People are constantly trying to justify his shitty behaviour, while really he was just a bully and an overall pathetic excuse for a man.


    11. Valerian, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets


    What he does to Laureline is called sexual harassment, period. She tells him several times she's not interested in a relationship with him, yet he still insists. Why are we supposed to root for him?


    12. Rose and Holdo, The Last Jedi


    Both characters were terribly written and did nothing to enhance the plot in any way. Both roles could have been given to existing characters and it would have actually made the story better. Having Leia or Ackbar in Holdo's role would have given us some empathy with an already established character, and Poe with Finn would have built on the friendship they made in the first movie. But instead we had to suffer through these two weak characters limping through an already bad plot that they actually made worse.

    — Victoria Archer Inman, Facebook

    13. Alexander O'Connell, The Mummy Returns

    Universal Pictures

    Was I supposed to be rooting for Imoteph to kill him? Because I was.

    — Beverley Carry, Facebook

    14. Carrie, Four Weddings and a Funeral

    Working Title

    Not only is the character pretty unnecessary but the acting is so bad that it ruins what could be an amazing film. I cringe every time.


    15. Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City 1 and 2

    HBO Films

    She's the actual worst in both movies. Needy, cheating, whiney and entitled as well as being a super bitch to all her "friends."


    16. Edward Cullen, Twilight

    Summit Entertainment

    The guy wanted to possess his girlfriend and control every aspect of her life. Love is not supposed to be a prison with your partner the fucking guard, isolating you from everyone else in the world.

    — Pipi Langstrump, Facebook

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