Miley Cyrus And Kaitlynn Carter Sent Brody Jenner A Weed Bouquet For His Birthday

    "Brody, WEED like to wish you a happy birthday! Love you! Miley and Kaitlynn."

    Over the last few weeks, barely a day has gone by without some form of update on the Brody Jenner, Kaitlynn Carter, and Miley Cyrus love triangle.

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    After Carter and Cyrus announced their respective splits from Jenner and Liam Hemsworth, they spent a week vacationing in Italy, where they were caught by paparazzi appearing to kiss.

    Cyrus and Jenner then got into an argument in his Instagram comments.

    Then Jenner's friend and The Hills costar Brandon Lee spoke out and called Cyrus and Carter's kiss "fake" and an attempt to "mess with their ex-husbands".

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    And Jenner's mom, Linda Thompson, also got involved by liking various comments on Instagram, many of which said less-than-favourable things about her daughter-in-law.

    However, just as everything seemed to be spiralling out of control when an article appeared claiming that Jenner "hated" his life with Carter and "couldn't care less" about her and Cyrus, he took to Instagram to deny the report.

    "Kaitlynn is a wonderful person, beautiful and fun to be with, always a positive force in my life," he wrote in his statement. "I respect Kaitlynn and care deeply about her."

    Well, yesterday marked Jenner's 36th birthday. And to prove that all is well among the trio, Carter and Cyrus sent him a joint gift.

    Jenner shared a video of himself unveiling the present, which turned out to be a gift box from a California-based cannabis farm.

    Via Instagram: @brodyjenner

    He said: "Miley and Kaitlynn, you really stepped it up on this one. You know my favourite company of all time."

    And he went on to post a further video of a "weed bouquet" — something he'd never seen before but "loved" — from the ladies.

    The bouquet came with a gift tag from the girls reading: "Brody, WEED like to wish you a happy birthday! Love you! Miley and Kaitlynn."

    And just to prove all is fine, Carter went on to repost the message.

    All's well that ends well, I guess!

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