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Benedict Cumberbatch Forgot He Was Married At The Oscars

Cumberfail. But a cute one.

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However, clearly caught up in the moment, Benedict actually forgot he was married during a post-Oscars interview. When he was asked what music he'd be dancing to at the after-party, he said: "That's between me and my fiancée."


Luckily he quickly realised his mistake and said: "My fiancée?! My wife, I should say," before turning around and giving an apologetic look to Sophie – although she didn't seem to mind too much.

ITV / Good Morning Britain / Via

Only Benedict could make a Cumberfail like this and still be the cutest man alive. ❤️

We reckon Benedict can be forgiven for this blip, seeing as he brought along a personal hip flask to the ceremony and was VERY excited to hit the dance floor.