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    19 Lies Every TV Show And Movie Told You About Love And Relationships

    True love is hard, people.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the things TV and movies always get wrong about love and relationships. Here are the best responses.

    1. That relationships are filled with constant over-the-top gestures of love and passion.

    2. And that ridiculously over-the-top arguments happen all the time too.

    3. That every person you fall in love with will love you back.

    4. That you'll end up staying with your first love forever.

    5. That you should give up incredible opportunities for love.

    6. That the "right woman" can change a "bad boy."

    7. That high-school teens spend their whole time having sex.

    8. That controlling or abusive behaviour is romantic.

    9. That cheating is fine if it means you can be with your ~soulmate.~

    10. And that it's fine to break up a relationship.

    11. That women need a relationship to be happy.

    12. That staying in love is easy.

    13. That women will always fall for a man who secretly likes her.

    14. That entire relationships can be compromised over a very simple misunderstanding.

    15. That you won't care if a best friend sleeps with your ex.

    16. That women always end up falling for the guy who's right under their nose.

    17. That men and women can't be ~just friends.~

    18. That it's cute to kiss someone to shut them up in the middle of an impassioned speech.

    19. That chasing someone to the airport or interrupting their wedding to profess feelings is a romantic gesture.

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