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    19 Things That Only Taylor Swift Can Pull Off

    So adorably awkward. And so insanely perfect.

    1. Show up to a radio interview dressed as a pegacorn.

    2. Board a plane wearing a dressing gown that is entirely covered in cats.

    3. Pretend bubble guns are ACTUAL guns.

    4. Make your own entertainment when your friends are being antisocial.

    5. Literally dance on your own and give zero fucks.

    6. Taylor Swift dancing at an awards show = peak happiness.

    7. Passionately play invisible drums when listening to your own song.

    8. Celebrate your album selling 1 million copies by lip synching to Kendrick Lamar in your car.

    9. Look this good leaving the gym and no I'm not fucking joking this is literally what she looks like when she leaves the gym.

    JDH Imagez / Splash News

    10. Casually join in on a family's Christmas card photoshoot in the middle of the woods.

    11. Not be able to download your own song on iTunes.

    'Do I have to do it on my computer?"


    12. Have a cup of tea with Ed Sheeran.

    13. Legit almost tear a man's face off in your music video.

    BuzzFeed / Via Big Machine Records

    14. And exhibit monumental levels of side-eye.

    BuzzFeed / Via Big Machine Records

    15. High-five Prince William.

    Getty Images for Centrepoint Dave J Hogan/Centrepoint

    16. Openly explain that you do not understand Tumblr in the slightest.

    17. This. Just this.

    18. Leave the house with your top on back-to-front, then admit to it on Tumblr.

    19. And finally, take your cat out for a walk, just because.


    You're the best Taylor.

    BuzzFeed / Via Big Machine Records

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