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Here Are Kylie Jenner's First Social Media Posts And Pap Photos Since Giving Birth

And of course the photos have racked up millions of likes already.

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In case you somehow missed it, Kylie Jenner gave birth to her first child two weeks ago.

She shared the arrival of her daughter, Stormi, in an Instagram post followed by a video charting her pregnancy.

The news followed a prolonged period of silence from Kylie on social media and her disappearance from public view – both moves which broke Kardashian traditions.


In fact, she managed to avoid being photographed for a whole eight months. The last time the paparazzi snapped her was back in June 2017.

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And the majority of Kylie's social media activity during pregnancy consisted of promotional posts for her makeup brand...

And the reposting of old selfies, like these two.

In fact, the last time Kylie shared a new selfie was all the way back in November.

Despite her Instagram account lying virtually dormant, Kylie managed to rack up almost 3 million extra followers in a matter of months, meaning public interest in her has never been so high.

And it appears that she's giving the people what they want. Because, ladies and gentlemen, after a long hiatus, Kylie Jenner. Is. Back.


Yesterday, she made a proper return to Instagram, sharing these two photos of her posing in the car.

And frankly, it was like she'd never been away.

People swiftly lost their minds.

& @KylieJenner is back mate, slaying us like she never left. Yaaahs girl!

And the photos have so far amassed over 6 million likes.

But that's not all, people. Kylie has also made a return to public view, being photographed by paparazzi twice in as many days.


She was first photographed on Sunday as she made her way to a business meeting.

Does this mean new lip-kits are on their way?
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Does this mean new lip-kits are on their way?

And then she was also snapped arriving at a friend's baby shower yesterday.

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Sadly, there was no sign of little Stormi, but tbh Kylie's reappearance is enough excitement for now. Welcome back, Ky!