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    Kylie Jenner Says The Image She Projects On Instagram Isn't Really Her

    And fans don't know her either.

    Kylie Jenner spends a lot of time posing up a storm on Instagram.

    She knows her angles.

    She knows the value of a good mirror.

    As well as using her hair as a prop.

    Sometimes we get close-up selfies.

    Other times, full-body shots.

    But her general Instagram aesthetic is pretty distinctive.

    But scrap everything you thought you knew about Kylie, because she's now revealed that the image she projects on Instagram isn't really her after all.

    Speaking to Fault, Kylie explained that she feels conscious of being judged so holds back a lot of herself from the public.

    She said:

    You need to make mistakes to grow and learn, but I'm just a little different because the whole world is watching me, every single thing I do. So I closed my door a little, just until I get a bit older and then I'll probably get back into it. On Instagram I'm like a different person almost. I just show people what I want people to see.

    She went on to reveal that even her fans don't really know the real Kylie.

    She said:

    People are going to judge you no matter what you do. So now I feel like I haven't been open as much as I used to be. I haven't really been letting my fans get to know me a lot. I closed down a little. I love to connect with people, but it became just a bigger door for people to judge me.

    And it turns out that unless you're a friend of Kylie's, it's unlikely that you have a clue what she's like in private.

    She added:

    I definitely always feel pressure to act a certain way, but I try my best not to let it affect me – although there are times where I'm not totally myself because of that. Even at the mall I feel like I can't totally be myself. When I'm not in public, I try to always be with my friends, so I can totally be myself and not have to worry about people judging or watching.

    Well now we're confused. But we hope that behind-closed-doors Kylie is as sassy as this one.