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    No, Kylie Jenner Didn't Delete Photos Of Stormi Because Of People Calling Her "Ugly"

    A source close to Kylie told BuzzFeed the claims were "nonsense."

    So, earlier this week, Kylie Jenner announced that she wouldn't be sharing any more photos of her daughter Stormi, and deleted all the images in which her face was visible on Instagram.

    Because Kylie is the first Kardashian/Jenner to keep her child off social media, people immediately began speculating why she'd made the decision.

    And it didn't take long before people began drawing attention to the fact that many trolls had been calling Stormi "ugly" over recent weeks.

    People are really telling khloe and Kylie that their babies are ugly in the comments and I am baffled. It’s a fucking infant??? Social media has gotten so ugly I’m so sick of it

    People are calling Kylie Jenner’s baby ugly, try to tell her who her baby’s father is and talk shit about a BABY like she can defend herself, then wonder why Kylie doesn’t wanna post pictures of her baby?! Leave her the fuck alone!

    I’m no Kardashian or Jenner stan but the way y’all treat Kylie for cropping out her baby is ugly. I saw people posting shit like “she got her body back now she’s dumping her baby” y’all are literally bulling a fucking baby

    And then headlines spun out of control, suggesting that the abuse directed at Stormi as well as kidnap threats were the reason for Kylie removing her photos.

    Well, a source close to Kylie has now denied the reports, telling BuzzFeed that the claims are "nonsense."

    So, according to the source, it appears that Kylie really does want to just keep Stormi out of the spotlight. And even though we'll miss seeing her adorable face, that's completely fair enough.