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Kristen Bell Was Accused Of "Exploiting" A Child Actor In Her New Commercial And She Had The Best Response

"So your kids deserve privacy, but you don't mind exploiting other people's children for monetary gain?"

You probably know that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are both a ridiculously loved-up showbiz couple and proud parents to two daughters, Lincoln, five, and Delta, four.

However, while they're happy to tell funny stories about their kids, Kristen and Dax have always maintained their privacy by refusing to share images of them on social media.

So, when the couple launched a line of natural baby products earlier this week with a TV commercial using a child actor, people of course had something to say.

After Kristen shared the commercial on her Instagram account, one person immediately questioned why she hadn't used her own kids in the commercial and accused her of "exploiting other people's children for monetary gain."

However, Kristen had the perfect response and explained that exposing her children's faces would put them at risk of stalking or strangers knowing their name.

Fans were quick to praise Kristen for her response, and said she was right to protect her kids.

Go Kristen!