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    Kim Kardashian Revealed The Truth Behind Her "Rivalry" With Kylie Jenner

    And she also opened up about how she felt about Kylie being on track to become the youngest self-made billionaire in history.

    Over the years, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have developed a playful rivalry.

    It began back in 2015 when Kim was pregnant with Saint. While she took time away from the public eye, reports began circulating that Kylie was "coming for Kim's throne."


    In fact, the pair addressed the situation on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and in a Snapchat post, where Kim said: "How do you feel that you've dethroned me? I mean, I love it. I need some time off. But honey, let's be real — you gotta put in a few years before you actually dethrone me. But I want to pass the baton onto you. Who better to pass on the knowledge to? You guys, I give her all the tricks."

    So, when Forbes announced last month that Kylie was on track to become the youngest self-made billionaire in history, people immediately began speculating that Kim — whose own worth was estimated at $350 million — would be pretty pissed.

    At the time, Kim shut the speculation down with a couple of tweets, but now she's opened up about the rivalry in a bit more detail during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


    When asked whether their makeup lines, Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty, have created a rivalry between the siblings, Kim said absolutely not.


    She said: "We learn a lot from each other and we're really supportive. There's no rivalry at all. We both have completely different audiences and different makeup techniques."

    And then Kim revealed that while the information about Kylie's wealth "wasn't news to her," she did describe her reaction to the Forbes article.


    She said: "I'm so happy for her. The second the Forbes cover came out, we have a group chat that goes on all day with the family, so I put the cover in the group chat. We were all screaming and I was like, 'Christmas is gonna be lit this year! You're gonna buy everyone a Rolls Royce!"

    However, Jimmy went on to ask whether Kim ever reminds the Kardashian/Jenners of the fact that she's "the platform on which this whole family has risen." And her response was A+.


    Laughing, she said: "Thank you. I have. But not any more."

    You can watch the full clip here.

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