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    This Acid Attack Survivor Has A Message For People Who Mock Burns At Halloween

    "It’s distasteful to make temporary burns, scars, and disfigurements on someone’s face for Halloween. Some of us have these visible differences all year round."

    Katie Piper, who suffered a horrific acid attack in 2008, has shared an impassioned message with her followers to avoid Halloween costumes that could be "offensive to victims of trauma".

    Katie shared the message after being bombarded on Instagram by makeup artists promoting "Halloween gore" makeovers, which involve anything from temporary burns to scars and disfigurements on people's faces.

    She made the point that many people have "these visible differences" all year round – and that Halloween shouldn't be about "people imitating accident victims".

    Katie accompanied the Instagram photo with a caption that implored people to think twice about dressing as trauma victims, because "none of us are immune".

    She wrote:

    I enjoy Halloween just as much as the next person but please don't dress up as someone that has had trauma happen to them. Even if you don't care about other people's feelings, how about remembering none of us are immune and it could be you one day with those injuries – no Halloween make up needed. Pumpkins, witches, cats, bats... whatever, but not someone who has been seriously injured, please.

    Katie was severely injured after an ex-boyfriend arranged for sulphuric acid to be thrown in her face.

    And people were quick to weigh in on the post, with some saying she was being "oversensitive".

    And some claimed it was "politics gone crazy".

    While other people with physical disfigurements presented a different point of view.

    However, many said they felt Halloween costumes generally have "gone too far".

    And some spoke about their mental health in relation to offensive Halloween costumes.

    But most people thanked Katie for making a point that they hadn't considered before.