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Updated on Nov 11, 2019. Posted on Nov 5, 2019

Kaitlynn Carter Finally Opened Up In Detail About Splitting From Brody Jenner And Falling In Love With Miley Cyrus

"This past July, I went on vacation with a female friend; the next thing I knew, I was in love with her."

I think it's fair to say that Kaitlynn Carter had a pretty eventful summer.

After announcing her divorce from Brody Jenner following a year of marriage*, Kaitlynn then went to Italy with long-time friend Miley Cyrus, where the pair were photographed kissing.

And while the coupling caused serious ~drama~ between Kaitlynn, Brody, and Miley, the ladies continued to date for six weeks after returning to the US.

In fact, Kaitlynn even celebrated her 31st birthday with Miley, and they posed for these adorable photos to mark the occasion.

However, in September it was revealed that the pair had decided to go their separate ways. Apparently Miley wasn't "ready for anything serious" following the breakdown of her own marriage to Liam Hemsworth.

Well, up until recently Kaitlynn has kept silent about the breakdown of her marriage and relationship with Miley. But she's now opened up about her experiences this summer in an essay for Elle.

Kaitlynn began by explaining that while her relationship with Brody was "very real", they decided to split after realising they'd "grown apart".

She added: "I began to spend a lot of time traveling on my own or with friends, quietly mourning what I knew in my heart would soon be the end of my marriage."

Kaitlynn went on to explain that shortly after her split from Brody, as she and Miley travelled together in a bid to "move past [their] respective breakups", her first relationship with a woman was born.

"Until that trip, it had never crossed my mind that I was even capable of loving a woman the way I loved her," Kaitlynn wrote. "It was that same familiar force of nature. I didn't have to think about a thing or overanalyse. It just happened and it felt exactly right."

Kaitlynn also revealed that, while their relationship was short-lived, she felt "eternally grateful" to Miley for "opening [her] eyes" to "all the possibilities of life".

And Kaitlynn concluded by saying that while she's still "exploring" and "figuring out" her sexuality, her relationship with Miley was far more than a "same-sex affair" as portions of the media suggested.

"This was a profound journey of self-discovery," she said. "For the first time, I listened to myself, forgot about the 'norm,' and lived."

You can read Kaitlynn Carter's full essay here.

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