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36 Backstage Celebrity Instagrams From The Emmys

So many glam squads, so much popcorn.

1. Amy Schumer was her usual amazing self, hanging out with no make-up on and chowing down on some toast before heading to the awards.

2. Where she looked goddamn phenomenal.

3. She also managed to get in on a Game of Thrones cast photo.

4. Sofia Vergara was snapped stuffing her face with popcorn.

5. Before posing for a Modern Family selfie.

6. And then caught up with Lady Gaga.

7. Maisie Williams showed off her impressive eyeshadow game.

8. And posed for this photo of actual perfection. 😍

9. Laverne Cox posed for this selfie with Kate Mulgrew.

10. While Jesse Tyler and husband Justin Mikita couldn't have been any happier to be at the awards.

11. Cat Deeley and husband Patrick Kielty enjoyed a pre-Emmys breakfast.

12. Before he proudly pointed at her baby bump. ❤️ 👶

13. And they made a pretty stunning couple once they hit the red carpet.

14. Guiliana Rancic shared this selfie from the make-up chair as she glammed up ahead of the red carpet.

15. She also had tough decisions to make when it came to picking her diamonds for the night.

16. But she and Cat Deeley did show up in coordinating metallic gowns.

17. Ariel Winter was pampered and preened ahead of her red carpet appearance.

18. Before sharing this selfie from inside the venue.

19. Heidi Klum posed for this snap with her glam team as she got ready.

20. Then posted this photo and gave everyone squad goals.

21. And then tucked into some popcorn before the event began.

22. Eva Longoria also shared a photo of herself getting ready for the awards.

23. Before being the ultimate Game of Thrones fangirl.

24. Mayim Bialik totally owned the red carpet.

25. And Amy Poehler looked stunning too.

26. Kerry Washington hung out with Eva Longoria.

27. As well as Jason Mitchell.

28. Danielle Brooks posed for this 🔥 photo before hitting the red carpet.

29. And posted this selfie from inside the venue.

30. Ryan Seacrest and Kevin Spacey made a dapper pair.

31. Cat Deeley and Sarah Hyland posed for this A+ selfie on the red carpet.

32. Lady Gaga and Taraji P Henson looked beyond chic backstage.

33. Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts were snapped backstage as they prepared to present an award.

34. Felicity Huffman and William H Macy posed for a cute selfie on the red carpet.

35. Uzo Aduba posted this snap as her glam squad got to work.

36. And, finally, caught up with her her sister, when this amazingness was captured.