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    Hailey Bieber Said She Finds Justin's Fans "Possessive" And "Frustrating" On Instagram

    "What's really weird to me is they create scenarios in their head of what they think is happening, or what they think should happen, and I'm just like, 'This is just so dumb.'"

    Hailey and Justin Bieber have had quite the whirlwind year. After rekindling their relationship in May 2018, they got engaged in July and tied the knot in September.

    However, the pair recently revealed that while they're madly in love, they are both having to make adjustments to their lives and relationship as they get used to marriage.

    Well, it seems that for Hailey, one such adjustment is getting used to being scrutinised by millions of Justin's most ardent fans.

    In fact, Hailey has claimed that since the start of their relationship, her social media feeds have been overrun with abusive comments from his fans, and branded those fans as "possessive" and "frustrating."

    Hailey went on to say that she finds it strange that fans think they know Justin enough to comment on his life.

    And Hailey also said that the only way she can deal with the attention is to not read the comments on her social media accounts, and remind herself that the fans are "not a part of [her] life or relationship."

    You can read the full interview with Hailey Bieber here and here.