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FKA Twigs Spoke With Brutal Honesty About The Racist Abuse She's Received

Trolls have targeted her and her fans with racist comments.

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But since finding musical success and being propelled into the spotlight further by dating Robert Pattinson, FKA Twigs has revealed that she's been subject to some shocking racist abuse online.

Speaking to Sunday Times Style, Twigs said that she receives abuse every day and even has screenshots of streams of racist messages, many calling her a "monkey".

She showed the interviewer the messages, and when asked how she copes, she said: "I don't feel anything any more. I've only cried once over it."

However, she went on to break down in tears as she recounted the story of how trolls directed their racist abuse towards a female fan of hers who had cancer.

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A male friend of the terminally ill fan would often come to Twigs' shows and the singer would sign memorabilia and film videos for her. One day, Twigs said, he tweeted a photo of him and his ill friend in hospital that showed her "looking really happy". "She listens to your music and it makes her so happy," the man said.

"I wrote back on Twitter, 'Thank you so much for coming to my show, stay strong,'" Twigs told the magazine. "They all started attacking her. Within 20 seconds it was just like, n*****, monkey, ugly, die, bitch, all this stuff on his feed. It broke my heart...this lady who is really sick and is probably going to die. I'm not crying for me, but because it's so upsetting. I feel like I've subjected her to that."


I was very conscious of it. I was half-Jamaican, but I didn't understand that side of myself. Western society tells you if you're blonde, you're beautiful; if you have green eyes, you're beautiful; if you have fair skin, you're beautiful. Out of London, that's very much more so… Even in magazines I wasn't seeing a reflection of myself, because it was Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera. When I was a young teenager, every girl that vaguely looked like Britney in my class was the one who was really hot.

Twigs said:

"Sometimes people are going to treat you differently because of the colour of your skin. Sometimes they will look at you differently or you'll be in a work scenario and you'll feel people are being a bit different towards you and you can't really put your finger on it. It's going to be maybe because of how you look. But they're 100% in the wrong. Sometimes you're going to have to work 10 times harder than somebody else to get the same appreciation, but never use it as an excuse.' I agree with that."


Twigs has in the past been vocal about the racist abuse she's received. Last year she took to Twitter, calling out trolls and calling the abuse "unacceptable".

I am genuinely shocked and disgusted at the amount of racism that has been infecting my account the past week.

Racism is unacceptable in the real world and it's unacceptable online.