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19 GIFs Of Celebrity Men Getting Undressed Just For You

Seriously. Get ready to drool.

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1. Hopefully you have a few spare moments, because Taylor Lautner needs you to look at him removing his black sweater to reveal pure, rock-hard muscle.

2. And here's Ryan Gosling tossing his sweater aside so casually before standing there, bronzed and rippling.

3. Then there's Bradley Cooper just casually stripping off in a sports field.

4. And Matt Bomer in a library.

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5. Just look at Chris Evans shirtless and removing his trousers with such purpose.

6. And Devin Jacanin TAUNTING YOU.

7. And Dan Osbourne undoing his shirt, all like "Come at me".

8. And David Gandy with his furrowed brow removing his shirt so atmospherically.

He looks so good when he's angry.

9. Then there's Ryan Reynolds just basically getting naked right in front of you.

10. And Zac Efron being all strip-teasy.

11. Miguel Angel Silvestre hurriedly whipping his shirt off while staring at you with complete lust.

12. Robbie Amell's giving you just enough time to take in his biceps, shoulders and stomach. Oh sweet Jesus, that stomach.

13. Just look at Taylor Kinney undoing his actual trousers while smiling at you.

14. Joe Manganiello emerging from the sea, just completely SOAKING WET.

15. And Channing Tatum removing all his clothing with a knowing smile on his perfect face.


17. Before you go, take a moment to soak up Justin Timberlake slowly unveiling his incredible torso.

18. And Alex Pettyfer having his clothes forcibly removed.

19. And finally, here's David Beckham in slow motion.

OK, as you were.