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Britney Spears Stood Up For Girl Power With This Speech During A Live Performance

Yet more proof that she is totally slaying at the moment.

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It's come to everyone's attention that Britney has been SLAYING lately.

In fact, it's arguable that she is back to her absolute best self.

She's also been releasing feminist anthems for the past year, including "Pretty Girls" and "Work Bitch".

"Pretty Girls" features the lines: "Wherever the girls go, boys follow / We be keeping them up on their toes / They can laugh, but they don't get the jokes / Just you watch, they're so predictable", while "Work Bitch" encourages women to work hard for everything they want in life.

And it seems that the reason for her feeling so good and performing like a queen is down to feeling empowered after spending a year being totally single.

During her latest performance in Las Vegas, Britney took time between songs to explain that being single has been a "very profound" experience.

And she went on to empower women everywhere by saying she doesn't need men, and that girl power is where it's at.

YAAASS, Queen Britney. 🙏