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Allegedly Photoshopped Pictures Of Justin Bieber Retracted

Let's examine the evidence. Update: has retracted the allegedly photohopped pictures and now says the images in the ad are authentic.

Update:, which published the pictures of Justin Bieber, retracted the images Saturday.

The retraction — titled "THIS *WAS* JUSTIN BIEBER'S CALVIN KLEIN PHOTO SANS PHOTOSHOP" and posted with an image from the original ad campaign — states that the site received a cease and desist order from Bieber's team. In response, the site pulled the pictures.

"Because BreatheHeavy is not about making anyone feel bad or intentionally stirring the pot (and are definitely not here for lawsuits), we shall retract the story per request," the retraction states.

Original story:

Everyone had a lot of ~feelings~ when this Calvin Klein campaign featuring Justin Bieber was unveiled to the world earlier this week.

But it appears that some Photoshop wizardry was carried out on Biebs.

An unretouched photo of Bieber has been obtained by, and it appears to show the extent of the digital alterations.

It appears that Bieber's abs, biceps, bulge, and, weirdly, hands, have all been increased in size and definition.

BreatheHeavy have claimed to have obtained the image from a source "connected to the shoot".

Have a look at this GIF to see the difference between the unretouched image and the final campaign.

That's not all though - it's also been pointed out that there is a marked difference between Bieber's appearance in the behind-the-scenes video compared with the final image.

In particular, it seems that more hair has been added to his stomach, and his abs have been given more definition. The image on the left is from the video, the one on the right is from the final campaign.

The behind-the-scenes video can be watched here:

View this video on YouTube

Never mind, Biebs, it happens to the best of us.