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    Kim Jong Un Celebrates Birthday By Sending Candy To Every Child In North Korea

    State media reports that military aircraft were used to deliver the sweets.

    North Korean children receiving Kim Jong Un's birthday candy: / Via http://KBS%20World

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sent two pounds of candy to every child in the country in celebration of his birthday, according to state media reports. North Korean Central Broadcasting Station, monitored in Seoul by the AFP, said that children aged ten and younger were gifted with celebratory sweets. The dictator allegedly mobilized military aircraft in order to ensure that the gifts of candy and cookies arrived by January 8, which is believed to be his 30th birthday.

    North Korean leaders' birthdays have been traditionally been marked with widespread gifts of food, clothing and other much-needed items, according to the Chosun Ilbo. The South Korean newspaper explains:

    The most important dates for North Koreans born since the 1970s are the birthdays of former leader Kim Il-sung on April 15 and present leader Kim Jong-il on Feb. 16. North Koreans may forget their parents' birthdays but they always remember the leaders', because that is when gifts of food and other daily necessities are doled out and a festive mood prevails throughout the country.

    And we all know how great Kim Jong Un is with kids:

    Kcna / Reuters

    And, because it's his birthday, here's Kim Jong Un when he was just a little leader.

    North Korea Leadership Watch / Via

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