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    Katy Perry Performed At The DNC And The Internet Roared

    Sadly, Left Shark did not make an appearance.

    In case you didn't know, Katy Perry is a pretty big fan of Hillary Clinton.

    Katy Perry joins Hillary Clinton at Iowa rally in October

    Heck, she's a pretty big fan of Democratic politicians in general.

    Can't wait to see what @katyperry will be wearing at #DemsInPhilly

    So it was no YUGE surprise that HRC tapped her to perform during primetime on the last night of the convention.

    She showed up early on Thursday to practice.

    —@katyperry rocking “HRC” hat, “I’m with her” button as she rehearses for DNC performance tonight

    And when the time came for her to hit the stage, everybody was excited.

    Tim Kaine & Bill Clinton just took front-row seats for Katy Perry. They also shook hands with people. #DemsInPhilly

    Like her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, who was ready to film her performance.

    Spotted: Orlando Bloom supporting Katy Perry during her #DemsInPhilly performance!

    And Bill Clinton. (Especially Bill Clinton, TBH.)

    When you see Katy Perry take the stage

    But a few people were a little...surprised when she had things to say.

    Katy Perry tells DNC crowd to "have an open mind and to use your voice.” #DemsInPhilly

    And that she had jokes!

    Katy Perry urges Americans to "cancel out their weird cousin's vote."


    Oh, good. I was really wondering where Katy Perry stands on the crucial political issues of our time.

    If Katy Perry isn't riding a giant mechanical tiger, I'm not interested in her political opinion.

    "Hey, Hillary liked it, so whatever." —Katy Perry, probably.

    "That's right—I love Hillary too." —@KatyPerry

    A few people had suggestions about other political alliances she could forge with her performance.

    Katy Perry should bring out both Left Shark and Right Shark to show America that everyone can unite behind Hillary Clinton. #DemsInPhilly

    Unfortunately, Leftist Shark had his #DemsInPhilly credentials revoked earlier this week

    And some of it was a little too relevant based on what happened this week at the convention.

    Katy Perry is performing. I really hope Left Shark gets booed by Far-Left Shark. #DNCinPHL

    But the audience loved it!

    This guy was ~feelin~ that Katy Perry performance #DemsInPhilly

    Do you think Taylor Swift was watching?

    "Sup Katy" "Ugh, Taylor again" "Seriously"


    Tom Hiddleston: Should I just change the channel or- Taylor: I'M FINE!!!

    Katy seemed pretty happy at the end of her bit.

    .@katyperry's little jump kick as she left the stage. #DemsinPhilly


    This Katy Perry concert disguised as a political convention was pretty good, y'all.