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    Florida Teen Arrested For Giving People Wedgies

    Another installment in Police Report Theater. Charles Ross was arrested in Manatee County, Florida for battery after giving wedgies to strangers as part of a YouTube prank video. We'll let the police report speak for itself.

    "Charles Ross is known to go around Manatee county and create situations in order to harass and annoy people while filming it and then putting it on you tube [sic]."

    View this video on YouTube

    "Tonight, Ross was at Royal Palm theater with his friend Jordan Owens, Ross began grabbing people by their pants and pulling them up causing discomfort. Specifically, Ross grabbed the victim, by the back of his pants and pulled them up hard."

    "Ross then challenged the victim asking if he wanted to hit him."


    "All the while Owens was filming the crime with a camera."


    "The victim stated this battery was unwanted and filled out an affidavit."


    "Several other victims came forward but were too embarrassed to pursue charges."


    "I took possession of the camera as evidence. The manager of the movie theater, Mr. Douchkoff, also trespassed both Ross and Owens in my presence and both subjects stated they understood they would be arrested should they return to the theater."


    UPDATE: Charles Ross was charged with battery and released on a $750 bond. A court date has been for February.

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