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23 People Who Were Too Sleepy For Black Friday

If you're not strong enough, you may find yourself passed out in the food court.

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1. This woman using her purse as a pillow.

2. This dude who clearly was only trying to rest his eyes.

3. This woman doing a truly excellent box impression.

4. These girls stress-testing a mattress.

5. This couple that will obviously never be an effective shopping team.

6. This girl who was in the process of building a fort.

7. This man who, to be fair, is probably having the world's most relaxing nap.

8. These people who have totally found their sleep number.

9. This girl who just wants it all to stop.

10. This girl and whatever it is that she's doing.

11. This bro who is using his shirt as camouflage.

12. This guy who has no clue where his teenage daughter is.

13. This pair of siblings who aren't arguing for the first time in years.

14. These guys for whom shoe shopping was too tough a task.

15. This man who has been overwhelmed by kitchen appliances.

16. This girl who clearly didn't drink enough Red Bull.

17. This guy who's lucky the mattress was there to break his fall.

18. This dude who could clearly use an Express-o.

19. This girl whose comfiness is reaching critical levels.

20. This person who no longer gives a single fuck.

21. This woman who found the best pillow ever.

22. This girl for whom quittin' time cannot come soon enough.

23. This baby and puppy who just want to go back to bed.

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