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21 Disturbing Examples Of Russia's Dill Addiction

So much dill in so many inappropriate places.

1. Martinis

Shaun Walker / DILLWATCH

Drink until you can't taste the dill.

2. Mozzarella cheese

Leslie Hough / DILLWATCH

The Italians clearly didn't know about this or they'd be boycotting the Olympics.

3. Grilled vegetables

John Henderson / DILLWATCH

Eating your vegetables is so much more difficult in Russia.

4. French fries

Melissa Kennedy / DILLWATCH

These innocent potatoes have succumbed to "dillsease."

5. Quesadillas

Jaime Cordes / DILLWATCH

Mexican cuisine, Russian style.

6. Kefir

Melissa Kennedy / DILLWATCH

Innocent yogurt drinks are no match for the weed.

7. Matzo Ball Soup

Miriam Elder / DILLWATCH

Oy vey.

8. Caesar Salad

Shaun Walker / DILLWATCH

There are no words for this monstrosity.

9. Steak Tartare

Miriam Elder / DILLWATCH

Even famous staples of French cuisine, like steak tartare, are forced to their knees by the ever-spreading dill epidemic.

10. Popcorn

Tom Barton / DILLWATCH

Butter lies abandoned as dill-brainwashed denizens coat their popcorn with the unholy herb.

11. Hamburgers

Tobin Auber / DILLWATCH

The most evil of burgers.

12. Omelettes

Miriam Elder / DILLWATCH

Would you like some eggs with your dill?

13. Potato chips

Sam VanDerlip / DILLWATCH

Even Lays, the most American of potato chips, fall victim to the dill propaganda within Russia's borders.

14. Pizza

Scott Balling / DILLWATCH

This is a technique known as "dill-bombing." Few food items survive the deadly attacks.

15. Nachos

Nikolaus Twickel / DILLWATCH

No words.

16. Lemons

Chris Gould / DILLWATCH

Even the Russian shrimp worship at the altar of the weed.

17. Hummus

Miriam Elder / DILLWATCH

There is no explanation for this madness.

18. Dill tempura

Simon Shuster / DILLWATCH


19. Bread

Miriam Elder / DILLWATCH

The dill invasion has truly infiltrated every level of society.

20. Cappuccinos.

Emmanuel Leus / DILLWATCH

Russia, you are in need of serious dill intervention. It's for your own good.

This post is dedicated to the brave men and women of the DILLWATCH Facebook group, who have been tirelessly fighting the demon weed's infestation for years.

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