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    27 Times Mr. Krabs Was All Of Us

    This is, without a doubt, the best meme of 2016 so far.

    This picture of a confused-looking Mr. Krabs started just like most memes do: a funny picture paired with a witty caption. Here are 27 of the funniest tweets.

    1. On getting into heaven:

    2. On Snapchat:

    3. On Monica Lewinsky:

    4. On the ol' Chipotle scam:

    5. On Daylight Savings:

    6. On speeding:

    7. On clubbing:

    8. On Tinder:

    9. On "Gold Digger":

    10. On being turnt:

    11. On deciding where to eat:

    12. On being in the bathroom when your song comes on:

    13. On missing school:

    14. On napping:

    15. On the checkout line:

    16. On not getting what you ordered:

    17. On modern love:

    18. On forgetting to take the chicken out:

    19. On embarrassing ringtones:

    20. On Donald Trump:

    21. On getting caught with porn:

    22. On test taking:

    23. On being a kleptomaniac:

    24. On grocery shopping:

    25. On being an easy target:

    26. On adultery:

    27. On the greatest basketball player and meme of all time: