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33 Insanely Weird Kitchen Tools That You Need In Your Life

Some of these things are not like the others.

1. This razor vegetable peeler will nick your favorite veggie into picturesque slivers.

2. This turntable cutting board will making chopping sound like music to your ears.

3. This stormtrooper oven mitt will help you reach the dark side of your oven.

4. This dust-pan serving tray is built for raking allllll the food into your mouth.

5. This highlighter-pen baster will make adding sauces to your recipes a breeze.

This tool takes you from grilling steaks to baking turkeys.

Get it from Cool Things for $14.

6. This snow-globe kitchen timer will put a smile on your face during grueling recipes.

7. This ice-pack flask will fool anyone inside or outside the kitchen.

8. These clothespin chopsticks are super user-friendly.

9. This garlic house will keep bulbs fresh without stinking up the place.

10. This crayon batter dispenser lets you get your Picasso on with pancakes.

11. This walnut case is perf for stashing nuts, candy, and secrets.

12. This circular-saw pizza cutter will handle the heaviest cheese jobs.

13. This sea-urchin toothpick holder can stand its ground.

14. This fried-egg cutting board will serve up more than breakfast.

15. This mask bottle opener is glam enough to leave out on a bar cart.

16. This disco-ball tumbler set is the ultimate in party sipping.

17. This clam snack bowl is good for stuff besides seafood.

18. This crossword-puzzle trivet really spells it out for eaters.

19. This file-folder cutting board makes raking chopped stuff into a pot a breeze.

File this away as a smart find.

Get it from Amazon for $14.61.

20. This boat salt cellar is great for pretending to taste the salty sea air.

21. This robot nutcracker will do your dirty snacking work.

22. This tire bowl makes for a surprising candy stash spot.

Keep your colorful sugar cravings on the DL.

Get it from Perpetual Kid for $19.99.

23. This cactus sipper is ideal for clumsy people.

24. This recycling bin coffee mug will make your coffee habit green AF.

25. This briefcase grater will prevent tragic cheese loss.

Do what you love for work.

Get it from Amazon for $15.

26. This beer travel mug should be used responsibly.

27. This log cheese board is ready and waiting for your lumbersexual friends.

Give your favorite cheese the axe.

Get it from ModCloth for $29.99.

28. This Death Star tea infuser will convert you to the caffeinated side.

29. This flower measuring spoon set will look pretty sitting on a countertop.

Plant and you shall receive.

Get the set from ModCloth for $29.99.

30. This set of toast coasters will sop up drink condensation.

31. This newspaper fish-and-chips cone eliminates the pants-ruining mixture of grease and ink.

32. These people overflow heighteners will mind your pot for you.

Snap up a few for a cooking party.

Get them from Light in the Box for $1 each.

33. This house trivet will look cool and minimalist when not in use.

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