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    31 Ways To Make Even The Tiniest Apartment Feel Roomy

    Cushy seating, layered rugs, maximized light, and other little tweaks will make your space feel like your budget is MUCH higher.

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    1. Avoid the lure of "apartment-size" furniture because you WILL feel like you're in a dollhouse. Measure and make a full-size couch work if you can. It'll be *so* worth it.

    World Market

    Britney may have room for tiny couches in her home, but you don't need them in yours. This couch is the same shape, length, and style of the couch I currently have in my one-bedroom apartment. The velvet-like fabric will feel super luxe, the thin legs will help the eye travel, and the arms look ready to nestle your neck when you just NEED to be horizontal (as I so often do on mine).

    Get it from World Market for $749.99.

    2. And buy a straight-back couch or loveseat so you won't lose major floor space to a deep seating option.


    Get it from Amazon for $599.99+ (also available in a lighter gray and as a couch).

    And be sure check out our guide on the best places to buy a sofa online.

    3. When it comes to seating, it's fine to opt for a couch and just one chair. And an armless chair with a cushy back will be far better for getting comfy in a variety of positions.


    It's possible to get incredibly comfy without a space-hogging recliner! I speak from experience. I have a similar slipper chair from West Elm and it's really great for sitting cross-legged and reading or watching my stories.

    Get them from Target: chair for $116.99 (originally $179.99, available in seven colors and patterns) and matching ottoman for $67.99 (originally $79.99, available in five colors and patterns)

    4. Or just place a few upholstered chairs for cushy seating in place of a huge-ass couch in case you're scared one would swamp your space.


    Seriously though, a barrel chair (like on the left) will change your LIFE.

    Get them from Walmart: velvet barrel chair for $349 (available in five colors) or rolled arm chair for $149 (two colors)

    5. Remember your storage options are more than just clear plastic bins and baskets. A modern storage cabinet with mostly hidden storage can also work as a TV stand.


    Get it from Walmart for $299 (also available in gray).

    Psst, this is from Walmart's very good new home decor line MODRN.

    6. Put curtain rods 6–12 inches above the tops of your windows to make your ceilings feel taller.


    Trust me, it won't look weird! Just remember to account for that extra needed length when buying curtains.

    Get these curtains from Target for $18.99 (available in five color combos).

    7. And think UP and OPEN for big items like bookshelves to lessen the cramped feel of a small space.


    Get them from Amazon: wall-mount ladder bookcase for $129.09+ (available in several finishes) or the free-standing bookcase for $139.99 (also in white)

    8. Layer rugs with similar color schemes but different shapes for a boho vibe that'll suggest your floor space is SO EXPANSIVE you need multiple rugs to cover it 😉.

    World Market

    "You know, I just could not find one rug large enough for my floor space!"

    Get them from World Market: zebra print rug for $149.99 and similar rug to layer underneath for $149.99+ (available in five sizes)

    Check out affordable rug offerings (the better for layering, my pretty) from Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock, Walmart, and The Home Depot.

    9. Or if you're living in a studio (meaning one room for everything), use rugs to differentiate between areas within the room.

    Genevieve Garruppo for Homepolish / Via

    For example, this round lil' beaut helps establish the vanity area from the bed, which happens to be about only a foot away. And if you click through to check out the full tour of this glam YouTuber's studio on Homepolish, you'll see there's a large area rug to designate the living area!

    Get a similar 3' round rug from Amazon for $30.

    10. Become BFFs with skinny legged–furniture for pieces that feel substantial but won't mess up the visual flow of your space.


    This gorgeous end table doesn't have pin legs, BUT it came up when I searched "pin leg table" on Amazon and many other options that'll keep the visual flow going will also turn up in the same search results. Just think of how great a plant would look underneath it!

    Get this end table from Amazon for $79.99.

    11. Avoid seating clutter by throwing in a few floor poufs in rooms where you can't spare the floor space on the reg. (They stack nicely under coffee tables and consoles!)

    World Market

    More pillows may seem like the *last* thing you need in your cramped space?! Hear me out. These little things will be welcome when it comes to movie night and you want a little extra room to spread out. In a pinch, Euro-size pillows will also work as nice floor cushions, but if you buy dedicated floor cushions (like ^), they'll be a little sturdier and may even come with a handle for easy moving!

    Get them from World Market: blue velvet or Dhurrie weave for $44.99

    12. Break up with the idea of a rectangular coffee table and go for a more shapely table to fit into your small are without sacrificing tabletop space.


    Guests will assume you went with this shape for strictly style purposes, but it'll be extremely versatile! Also, it has pin legs that'll prevent breaking up the visual flow of your space!

    Get it from Amazon for $95.59 (also available as a side table or nesting tables).

    13. Make a console serve as a skinnier desk with most of the bells and whistles. Also, you can shove a stool (as extra seating!) underneath it.


    Get it from Amazon for $77+ (available in five color combos).

    14. Upgrade your storage ottoman from the plain box you bought for your dorm with a fancier version that'll hold junk you don't want people to see while giving them something to marvel at on the outside.

    Amazon, Target

    Get the yellow ottoman from Amazon for $74.47+ (three colors) or the pink ottoman from Target for $34.99 (also in black).

    15. Or better yet, invest in a Frankenottoman with built-in trays you can also use as a coffee table!


    Space is key and if you have the tops turned over onto their tray sides before someone comes into your apartment, they won't be able to see all the crap you've stuffed inside the ottoman!

    Get it from Amazon for $69.72+ (also available in navy).

    16. Rely on folding furniture for special occasions, like a kitchen cart that'll come in handy during Thanksgiving meal prep.


    Folding furniture is more than chairs and card tables, although those are mainstays for good reason!

    Get this folding cart from Amazon for $77.03+ (available in three colors). And while you're at it, check out a folding bookcase from Amazon for $72.99+ (two colors) and a folding ~round~ dining table from Overstock for $299.99.

    17. Install wall-mount furniture where you can so you can enjoy more floor space.

    West Elm

    This shelving unit in this space works out really well to make it feel like you have more floor space in a living area. Wall-mount bathroom cabinets are also worth your time and money in a room where storage is ESSENTIAL but you're often working with a tiny footprint!

    Get this shelf (two shown here) from West Elm for $399. And get 20% off your order with code FRIENDS at checkout.

    18. Embrace the power of a large-scale mirror! It'll bounce light from your windows around your space and make it feel more open.


    Reviewers note that this doesn't give you the funhouse-like effect some cheaper full-length mirrors do.

    Get it from Amazon for $138.98+ (available in three styles). And check out a smaller option for $51.50.

    19. And hang smaller mirrors where you can to help do the same. Just make sure you're hanging them on an adjacent wall to a window to get the most bang for your buck!


    Get it from Walmart for $69.

    20. Also take advantage of reflective furniture surfaces to really amplify your light sources. There are plenty of unexpected options, like a chrome bar cart or black mirrored side table.

    The Home Depot

    Plus this bar cart has some stemware storage and will roll exactly where you need it.

    Get the bar cart from The Home Depot for $139.95 or the side table from Walmart for $118.96.

    21. Don't underestimate the utility of a side table where you need it. This "extra" piece of furniture is worth its weight in gold for serving as a helpful little surface and making your space feel *complete*.


    Get it from Amazon for $69.99 (available in several color combos).

    22. Opt for a bistro table instead of a regular-size pedestal table for a dining room fixture in a smaller footprint.

    West Elm

    If you crave a pedestal table but need room for *other* essentials, like a dang bed, this is your answer.

    Get it from West Elm for $199.

    23. "Float" some of your furniture, aka fight the temptation to just shove it up against the wall in the interest of floor space.

    Urban Outfitters

    Arranging a couch with its back to some of the other furniture in the room will help distinguish one area from another to make things cozy but *extremely* useful for all sorts of situations! Here, the couch's position creates a separate living area from the under-the-lofted-bed area!

    Get this couch from Urban Outfitters for $899 (available in two colors).

    24. Choose wall sconces to put light exactly where you need it and help create different sources of light, which will make your space look so much nicer.


    According to interior designers, the goal is to have three light sources and a wall-mount sconce takes just a smidgen of room in that pursuit. Even if you rent, there are lots of sconces available that don't require an electrician to mount! Just look for options (like the ones shown here) that have a hanging cord. That way you only have to mount the sconce on the wall (aka, something you can do) instead of calling an electrician!

    Get them from Amazon: brass drop ring for $49.99 or industrial sconce for $20.59+ (five varieties)

    And read up on more interior designer secrets.

    25. Forgo the go-to horizontal striped shower curtain for another visually widening pattern like marble or a compelling circular design.

    Amazon, HM

    Get the marble curtain from Amazon for $29.95+ (available in three sizes) or the circular design curtain from H&M for $13.99.

    26. Double up your storage space with sliding basket cabinet inserts and extra shelves so you won't feel like you live with a family of cleaning products.


    I have a v similar sliding basket unit (that's now sold out on Amazon) under my kitchen sink and it fits a shocking amount of stuff!

    Get them from Amazon: shown tiered sliding baskets for $26.87 (three finishes), small stacking shelf (that I own) for $15.36, or expandable shelf for $21.29

    27. And slip *clear* storage containers into spaces you'll probably see more often, like a vanity-top makeup organizer or medicine cabinet shelf.


    Clear stuff impacts the flow of a space dramatically less!

    Promising review (vanity organizer): "Perfect little organizer for the few inches of space on the side of our bathroom vanity to hold all the small bathroom items. Clear plastic design is very useful so you don't forget what's inside. Rounded edges and smooth exterior is easy to clean. I hate most bathroom organizers because mildew and other things start growing in the joints and slits, then it's hard to clean off." —Chris

    Promising review (medicine cabinet shelf): "Love this little organizer. Fits in the bathroom cabinet and holds toothbrushes and toothpaste as well as thermometers, eyewash cups, etc., that I had in small plastic glasses. I'm no longer embarrassed if a guest opens my bathroom cabinet!" —shopaholic

    Get them from Amazon: cosmetic organizer for $13.97 or medicine cabinet shelf for $12.32

    28. Create storage solutions in unusual spots so everything has its own place, like these Command hooks and measuring cups on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door!

    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    This is my apartment where I only have one kitchen drawer that I can fully pull out thanks to an awkwardly placed stove. So instead of storing these unsightly (but perfectly useful!) measuring cups on my counter, I installed a set of small hooks. These wire versions of trusty Command hooks are narrow enough to hook onto the holes of my existing measuring cups. This cabinet door gets a lot of action and I'm forever swinging it open really hard, but these hooks have stayed put for a year!

    Get a 10-pack from Amazon for $9.99.

    29. Continue the trend of storage solutions that ~blend in~ with some flat-pack closet organizers that (kinda) match your closet walls.

    Elizabeth Lilly / BuzzFeed

    This isn't rocket science, but I assembled several of these to trick out my own closet. And now my closet is my favorite thing about my apartment! I'll never get the OK to install built-in storage in my closet (which is the dream), but this is the next best thing.

    Get them from Amazon: top cubbies for $29.97+ (three finishes) and two-tier shelf for $25.68+ (three finishes, two sizes). And since I took this pic a year ago, I put together a six-cube organizer $59.62 to help store my purses.

    30. Seek out design-y storage solutions that help solve a problem you have, like this shoe storage ottoman.


    It has 12 separate storage compartments, so you're set for at least six pairs!

    Promising review: "This is beautiful, unexpectedly! It looks much more expensive and the storage space inside is ample. Living in a smaller sized apartment, this is a perfect medium sized ottoman — not too small as to be useless and not too large as to eat up the room. I bought the white. Also, it is sturdy enough to sit on and to put your drinks or books on. The seaming is slightly off, but to an untrained eye, this will go unnoticed. This is truly a great buy!" —Lady

    Get it from Amazon for $55.99+ (available in six colors).

    31. Fill overlooked corners with specially designed shelves to fit in those nooks!, Amazon

    Promising review (for the bookcase): "This unit fit well in a tight spot. Installation was quick and easy. I did need a mallet to fit top to bottom - slight misalignment. There were extras for the screws. It also came with anchors and anchor brackets. The shelves can be reversed to change the 'wood' grain alignment. Some minor bits where the finish doesn’t reach the edge, but not noticeable when installed. The leveling feet helped, since I couldn’t go right to the walls due to baseboard and window shade — so be careful with wine bottles at edge." —Ramon

    Promising review (for the countertop shelves): "I love this! Going to buy two more, another one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom. Very sturdy and fits in the corner perfectly. I am using it in my coffee area and it holds all my coffee stuff and leaves more room on the countertop. Easy to put together." —Burned Children Recovery Foundation

    Get them from Amazon: bookcase for $155 or the countertop shelves for $23.19

    Here's to making the tiny apartment you can afford work for you:

    3 Arts Entertainment

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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