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    30 Clever Ways To Keep Everything In Your Refrigerator Organized

    R.I.P. to that package of blueberries that got shoved to the back of the fridge before you could eat them.

    1. Buy a set of clear storage containers so no one has the excuse of the yogurt you're supposed to use up first being hidden behind tons of other stuff. Are we clear? *Crystal*

    look inside a fridge with clear containers to organize everything in a way so you can see what you have

    2. Consider buying another sturdy egg holder so you can easily stack the container without crushing your eggs and quiche dreams. I heard a rumor you're making Quiche Lorraine and, just so you know, it's my fave.

    look inside fridge with clear egg cartons for storage

    3. Prevent your LaCroix habit from disrupting your appliance's newfound order with a can dispenser that'll be sturdier than just putting the cardboard carton in the fridge.

    shelf of fridge with a few drink pitchers and a deep soda can organizer with cans organized horizontally for easy removal each time

    4. Or if you've had it with cans of seltzer, invest in a SodaStream that comes with a carafe for your seltzer you can store in the fridge in a much smaller footprint. No more trips to the store to lug home heavy cans!

    black SodaStream and a CO2 bottle

    5. And tidy up your seltzer creations with a SodaStream organizer that'll fit three carafes and six flavoring bottles. Psst, it'll fit in most fridge doors too!

    holder with three sodastream bottles and six flavor bottles

    6. Easily wipe up spills without disrupting everything in your fridge by putting in some cheap shelf liners you can pull out and rinse.

    shelves inside a fridge with colorful mats underneath the fridge contents

    7. Prevent your crisper drawers from looking like a farmers market graveyard by lining them in produce life extenders that'll help keep your fruits and veggies fresher for longer.

    green foam sheets and one shown in a produce drawer as a liner

    8. And keep fresh herbs in tip-top shape with an herb-saving container instead of finding them wilted in a produce bag a month later.

    fridge door shelf with the vertical storage unit that holds the herbs inside

    9. Keep your condiments ready for squirting (seriously, stop pulling a muscle shaking the bottle of mustard to put on your turkey sandwich) with a bottle emptying kit. These handy tops will get tons of use outside the fridge too!

    before and after of a bottle of honey with the cap letting all the honey drip down to the lid

    10. Swap the baking soda and used coffee grounds for an air-purifying bag to make your fridge smell like less of a landfill every time you open it. AND it'll take up zero shelf space.

    look at the inside of a fridge filled with condiments and produce with a small bag hanging on the inside wall on a stick-on hook

    11. Slide your fave yogurt cups into this wall organizer so you can better see their expiration dates and don't have to dig to unearth your breakfast.

    open fridge with wall mounted storage for yogurt cups

    12. And clear up a similar storage solution with this food pouch storage system so you can see what you have before you buy more of 'em.

    row of food pouches on a fridge door

    13. If drink pitchers are adding to your storage woes, swap 'em for some squared-off carafes that'll fit in your fridge door.

    two tall carafes in square shape at bottom with lids in a fridge door

    14. Keep bacon strips (and other cold meats) safer for longer with this handy bacon keeper.

    container with clear top open to reveal strips of raw bacon inside

    15. Divvy up your bulk buys into normal-size portions — both for storage and meal prep — with a vacuum sealing system to make sure you finally eat all that food from your ambitious Costco haul.

    kitchen counter with a vacuum sealing machine sealing a hunk of meat

    16. Bring stuff you'd normally shove to the back of the fridge within easy reach by placing bottles of condiments and more on lazy Susans.

    reviewer pic of top shelf of fridge with vitamin bottles organized on two lazy susans

    17. Make better use of a tall shelf with this drawer add-on to hold items that make for an awkward fit elsewhere.

    18. And use a wire shelf as a more temporary fix while you're prepping for a lot of cooking or bought an 18-pack of yogurt at the big-box store but have nowhere to put it. (That's happened to me several times.)

    the wire shelf in a laundry room hanging from a wood shelf

    19. Also consider a ziplock bag organizer if you tend to store stuff in the handy bags because Tupperware takes up too much space. (It'll also work in the freezer for all your slow cooker dump dinners!)

    20. Learn what shouldn't be chilled so you won't have to sacrifice precious space to the not-so-cool items.

    pic of labeled brown paper bags with holes punched in them for onions, garlic, and shallots

    21. And stash the stuff that shouldn't be in the fridge nearby with this slim, slide-out caddy that's skinny but tall enough to place in the weird little space between your fridge and kitchen cabinets. We all have at least one thing in the fridge that, tbh, doesn't belong there.

    22. Spare some shelf space by lofting beer or soda bottles with these magnetic strips.

    view of inside roof of the fridge with magnetic strips that are strong enough for beer bottles to stick to them, leaving lots of storage room below the bottles

    23. Or stack bev bottles (beer, soda, champagne, etc.,) easily on a simple rubber mat to prevent a wet disaster.

    pyramid of beer bottles stacked horizontally on a flat surface with the silicone slatted holder

    24. And keep opened bottles from making a boozy mess with this leak-proof wine-saver system that'll set firmly on a shelf.

    person using the stopper on a bottle of wine

    25. Give everything a name (and the date that it goes bad) with a label maker that feels very ~official~. Um, this is also good for roommates or family members who buy their own groceries. Paws off my hummus!

    label making machine on kitchen counter

    26. And don't forget to organize *sections* of your fridge with some bin labels available in stylish fonts.

    fridge bins labeled

    27. Toss the old plastic containers stained with curry from your fave Thai takeout join (yum) and meal prep with these airtight stackable storage containers instead.

    stack of clear food storage containers in a fridge

    28. Preserve cut produce with a silicone food hugger to take up far less room (and create less waste) to store those goodies in the fridge. Avocados are expensive! This'll help your tasty investment reach its full potential.

    The huggers on different fruits and vegetables as well as open containers

    29. Encourage using up all the food you already have in your fridge with this magnetic dry-erase menu planner that'll stick to the front of a fridge door.

    the chalkboard looking dry erase board with day slots and sections for notes

    30. And keep tabs on what you need to restock with downloadable kitchen trackers for your fridge, freezer, and cabinet.

    three lists

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