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    45 Things You’ll Probably Wear More Than Once For Every Dollar You Spend On Them

    Is it worth it with $1 per wear? Extremely likely.

    This list has a mix of items in men's and women's sizes.

    1. Spanx high-waist leggings that'll smooth out those assets (if you care about that) for all sorts of photo ops without stretching out over time or the band rolling down during workouts.

    2. Or a pair of budget-friendly high-waist leggings in case you're looking to buy in bulk when it comes to comfy almost-pants. I've got you ;).

    3. A designer-inspired T-shirt that'll help expand your wardrobe pastabilities. Also it's a smaller (but tastier) investment than an actual Gucci shirt.

    closeup of the print on the shirt of the writer wearing it. The print look like the double G Gucci logo except with the word "Gnocchi" instead of "Gucci"

    4. Hammered hoops you'll find yourself reaching for often because there's just something transformative about putting on a pair of hoops. If you know, you know.

    large copper tone hammered texture hoop earrings learning against a marble print jewelry dish

    5. A pair of stretchy bike shorts that'll become part of your WFH, working out, lounging, *and* just-about-anything-else rotation. You'll probably want to buy both colors from the jump.

    6. An iconic pair of socks to help commemorate an important night in history. Get ready for the onslaught of compliments for when you wear these bbs!

    light pink socks design with "Never Forget" on it and cartoons of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wearing matching denim outfits at an awards show

    7. A Staud bag in a croc-embossed leather style you can grab atm for 65% off its original price! When the bag is this beautiful, you'll wanna carry it often.

    8. A merino wool T-shirt that, yes, may seem too fancy for your daily rotation but is so incredibly soft that you'll find every which way to wear this anti-wrinkle, fast-drying, temperature-regulating, AND odor-resistant shirt.

    person wearing soft red short sleeve T-shirt that has no wrinkles

    9. A pleated skirt to transform all those tops you've been feeling meh about lately into wardrobe stars.

    10. A three-pack of washable bra liners for those super sweaty days because it's pretty, pretty gross when you peel off a bra to only find it heavier with sweat. That's stop that little trend with this.

    person wearing the bra liner with a black lacey bra

    11. An cute mini dress with a sweetheart neckline you'll be sweet on all summer into fall.

    12. An adorable rain jacket with a drawstring hood, full zip, and pockets to keep you going, even when it seems that the sky is just dumping sheets of water on your head. Psst, this is perf for super muggy days, but could layer well in colder temps.

    model wearing the blue and gray jacket

    13. And a pair of sneaker-style rain boots in both hi- and low-top options you'll come to rely on for those days when it's a 30% chance of rain and you 100% don't want to ruin your good suede ankle boots OR sweat it out through wellies. Plus! If it doesn't end up raining, it's NBD.

    model wearing black low top sneakers with white laces

    14. A button headband specially made to not only keep hair out of your face, but a mask securely on your face without rubbing your ears.

    15. A shirt with some bite (or pinch? IDK) that Maluma wore on Insta recently and I hope to see you wearing on YOUR Insta someday soon. More outfit pics, plz.

    person wearing a light purple button up short sleeve shirt with a print that has a person sitting on a purple scorpion and "emotional promise made" print on it

    16. A midi dress you can wear just about anywhere you wanna look nice while covering a bit, like a work video call, baby shower, brunch with your grandma, a job interview.... Also it has pockets!!!

    17. A show-stopping ring that'll prompt countless "where'd you get that?" queries. And you SHOULD tell 'em because everything from this line is *so* great that it's a public service to fill folks in on it.

    two gold tone rings with a criss cross design

    18. A tie-dye maxi dress you'll wanna constantly lounge in at home, then show off in public.

    19. Classic smoking slippers with soft leather lining and a cushioned interior. ICYMI, you can wear these at least half the year (depending on your location!) and they'll be a strong go-to when you have approximately 27 seconds to get dressed. (Whether that schedule is fault or not is *your* business.)

    pair of black leather smoking slipper flats with rich brown bases

    20. A snazzy top for when you wanna look cute but keep comfy.

    21. An adaptive pair of bikini undies that hook on the side to help you get dressed a little bit easier.

    person wearing a pair of white bikini underwear with clasp at the hip that's like a bra hook

    22. Earring lifters that'll discretely keep those door knockers (and much smaller, equally stylish earrings!) from looking like they're slumping out of your ear. Here's to wearing those heavy earrings you love much more often!

    back view of floral-shape earring lifts, then a before pic with an earring that looks like it's going to fall out and an "after" pic of the earring upright

    23. A leopard wrap skirt you can pair with every dang top in your closet!

    24. A wireless bra that'll actually give you some shape and lift (yes, it's possible *without* a wire!). Those underwires might start collecting dust in the back of your drawer.

    person wearing a light brown wireless bra that looks like i has the coverage and support of a traditional wired bra, floral pattern on band

    25. A BuzzFeed Multiplayer shirt with the #1 question I have IRL and also in video games. Wearing it might just broadcast out your canine-friendly intent. If only dogs could read shirts! (Or maybe they can and just aren't letting on to it. Eh? Ehhhhh???!)

    26. A gorgeous link necklace that'll hold its own or play a supporting role with other necklaces.

    model with scoop yellow neckline and the small link gold necklace with a choker-like fit

    27. An oversized denim jacket as a prime layering piece for a used junk car's amount of mileage.

    reviewer wearing the jacket over a hooded sweatshirt with leggings

    28. A Fjallraven backpack that comes in 15 colors so you can find your perfect hue to call your own then constantly use.

    model with back facing camera carrying a light blue backpack

    29. Or a sleek leather backpack with a surprising amount of room to use on the reg in case you prefer a regular bag but are looking to branch out JUST a little bit.

    person outdoors with a black flat-style backpack with exterior zippers.

    30. A moto jacket with colorful options (yes, it also comes in black) you'll barely want to leave the house without.

    31. Le Labo Bergamote 22 fragrance that I swear by and wear every day. By this point I don't truly feel like myself without it. So uh, yeah, it's good stuff!

    the bottle of perfume and a brown cardboard box that it comes in

    32. Juicy watermelon studs as a cheap thrill you could wear exclusively on days you're snacking on watermelon. But what would be the fun in that?

    watermelon slice style stud earrings

    33. A pretty satin bonnet to keep your curly, textured, or protective styled hair in tip-top shape while you get your beauty rest.

    34. An unlined bra set because some days you just want to wear a matching set. And nope, you don't need a reason why.

    person wearing brown bra and panties

    35. Polarized sunnies that may feel like a splurge at first but will become your go-tos once you feel how light they are and manage to stay put on your nose drastically better than cheaper glasses.

    purple and pink sunglasses

    36. Puma running socks for a super cushy fit where you want and mesh knit sections so your feet can breathe. I own some of these socks and they are SO comfy.

    row of ankle socks in varying colors with mesh panels visible

    37. Cushy house slippers that'll become an essential part of your WFH wardrobe.

    two close toe slippers in leopard print with "HERO" on one shoe and "BEAR" on the other

    38. Or soft faux-fur slippers built for folks who like to let their toes breathe while you scooting around the house or taking a stroll to the mailbox.

    39. A tie-dye masterpiece that'll make anyone say "dat boi *is* right" when they see you wearing it. And when you're not wearing it, I'm sure it'll look at home in a museum.

    shirt with Bobby from "King of the Hill" riding a unicycle with white background and green and brown tie-dye pattern

    40. Sweat-wicking pajamas that don't look like sweat-wicking pajamas. Way to look super pulled-together while becoming one with your couch.

    purple V-neck pajama top and matching shorts

    41. An enamel pin you can add to your denim jacket collection to show the world you're a total softie when it comes to salty snacks.

    two enamel pins in the shape of a large soft pretzel with "softcore" on a banner across it

    42. A cute nonmedical mask with three layers (including a built-in filter!) to help keep you stylishly safe while you're out and about. I can vouch that it's super comfy but still feels breathable.

    43. And some antibacterial fashion PPE gloves you can slip into because my friend Aaron can't be the only person who's designated a set of "car gloves" for stuff like pumping gas. This is just a chicer version of that v smart idea.

    person wearing cheetah print gloves

    44. A limited edition "Texorcist" bandanna to make you laugh every time you wear or use it.

    square black bandana with a cartoon on it of the Exorcist scene from the movie with the little girl's head spinning around and a cowboy saying "Go on Git"

    45. Go-with-everything sandals that'll be super versatile but so cute.

    model's feet with light purple leather sandals with strap across foot and a toe loop

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