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    30 Things That'll Help You Hibernate In Your Bedroom All Season

    Now if only you could get an en suite bath in that bedroom....

    1. A string light curtain that'll look lovely layered with sheer curtains or placed on a ceiling for an ethereal accent that won't glare on your screens while you're working your way through the past season of Baskets. (Seriously, why aren't you watching that show?)

    2. Satin pillow cases that I own and love! They'll become an essential for anyone who sleeps hot and/or wants to keep their hair and skin moisturized. Soooooo, everyone?

    3. A color-changing humidifier/diffuser you can use with some ~calming~ essential oils to make your room smell like paradise — even if you're on your fourth day of living in bed thanks to a gnarly cold.

    4. Or a workhouse humidifier in case that lil' babe ^ ain't gonna cut it when it comes to adding moisture back into your bedroom air in the pursuit of flawless skin and nasal passages.

    5. High-waisted leggings nice-looking enough to run to the grocery store in and comfy enough to wear all Sunday while you're in bed.

    6. A 45-pack(!!!) of velvet scrunchies to keep your hair outta your face instead of between your mouth and that bowl of ice cream. Plus they won't dent your hair!

    7. A weighted blanket – it may just earn you the nickname Sleeping Beauty, that is if your roommate doesn't already call you that.... Me? They call me Restless Beauty.

    8. A pregnancy body pillow to have and to hold you, even if you're just pregnant with a food baby. It's *that* comfy.

    9. A cushy lumbar pillow you can position as its name implies or use to elevate your knees or feet.

    10. Collagen eye masks you can easily apply and take off without leaving bed. Here's to your peepers looking as well-rested as you feel.

    11. Super soft velvet pillow covers to give your existing throw pillows a cozy facelift.

    12. Or a Nic Cage reversible sequin pillow case in case you find yourself needing to paw at something as you watch Mandy under the covers or Moonstruck. (Both amazing films, IMO.)

    13. A wooden lap desk you can use for inhaling some pancakes, reading, or binge-watching on your laptop. Or perhaps even doing all three at the same time?!?!??!

    14. And a pretty mug warmer to keep your hot chocolate, tea, or coffee nice and toasty on your nightstand while you get down to the business of doing absolutely nothing.

    15. A faux-sheepskin rug to casually throw over your favorite chair (in the rare instance you move from your bed) or park on the floor right where your feet hit the cold hardwood when you creep out of bed bc nature occasionally calls.

    16. A faux-fur blanket for a luxurious touch, even when you're spending the long weekend holed up in your bedroom in a pair of pizza-stained sweatpants.

    17. ~Breathable~ sheets (I own and adore) as a welcome addition to any hot sleeper's bed.

    18. Suspenders for your sheets so no matter how much you toss and turn, your fitted sheet won't pop you in the face in the middle of the night when it comes loose. It happens! I know!

    19. A storage caddy to tuck into your mattress so you only have to dangle your arm out from underneath your sheets to reach the remote or TV Guide.

    20. Light-blocking curtains you can also rely on to keep in the heat during frigid nights and weekends and days. (No judgment about camping out in your own bedroom!)

    21. A tablet holder with bendable legs ready for all those movie moments that require two hands... like eating chips and salsa!

    22. Or a soft lil' pillow tablet stand in case you want every single thing on your bed to be pillowy soft. No one can blame you for that.

    23. Fiber gel pillows for support like memory foam with down-like softness. Seriously, it's time to change your pillows. I made the leap with these very pillows on Prime Day this summer and omg there are good.

    24. A *waterproof* Kindle so you can read book after book after book without being bothered to pick up a new one at the library. Oh and if your cat pushes it into a bowl of water(?!?!?!), then it's NBD.

    25. A calming ylang ylang–scented candle in a gorgeous container you'll want to reuse once you've worked your way through the 60–80 hours of burn time.

    26. Or a selenite lamp that'll look gorgeous and give off a decent glow... in case you've been super careful ever since you took a nap and left a candle burning. Oof.

    27. Or if you like to disperse your light, some battery-operated tea lights you can keep in pretty votive holders.

    28. A "marshmallow-soft" sleep mask that'll actually block out ALL the light for giving you a dreamy blackout sensation. Sign me up, plz.

    29. An insulated water bottle to do a MUCH better job of keeping you hydrated with ice-cold water than that regular glass you keep beside your bed.

    30. Or an elegant beside carafe set in case you're like me and tend to gulp water around 3 a.m. every single night and don't wanna dash to the kitchen for a refill.

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