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    22 Things That'll Make You Never Want To Leave Your Couch

    Live your cushiest life.

    1. A couch coaster to keep your drinks secure and within reach. Even the coffee table is a little too far, TBH.

    2. Or, a foam caddy that'll hold more than one drink and the remote.

    3. A Fire Stick with Alexa remote control for streaming all your fave programs on the big screen using voice control. Just say, “Play Game of Thrones” or “Launch Netflix."

    4. An extra-long lightning cable so you don't have to leave your phone across the room to charge.

    5. A cozy throw blanket to snuggle up in for a mid-day couch nap. Napping on the bed just isn't the same!

    6. Or, a heated blanket that'll keep you warm and toasty all winter long.

    7. A foot roller for giving yourself a nice massage because why not? You're sitting down anyway.

    8. An adjustable lap desk so you can comfortably eat a meal or browse the internet without having to leave your seat.

    9. An insulated wine tumbler with a lid to prevent splashing alcohol on the upholstery when you get too worked up about a particular Bachelorette episode.

    10. A pair of socks that'll not only keep your toes warm but will also tell whoever's in the room to bring wine, thanks.

    11. A Nintendo Switch — a hybrid console that'll let you play on the TV or its smaller screen.

    12. A popcorn maker so you can always have a fresh snack for movie night.

    13. A splurge-worthy sound bar to seriously enhance the audio quality of your TV.

    14. A small but efficient handheld vacuum that'll restore your beloved couch to a crumb-free state.

    15. A storage ottoman for propping up your feet and hiding extra blankets.

    16. A remote control wand so you can change the channel with a swish and flick. It's pure magic.

    17. An essential oil diffuser to make the living room an even more relaxing place.

    18. A memory foam pillow that'll give your back the support it needs during a LOTR marathon sesh. You can also use it to take a nap!

    19. A bamboo end table perfect for anyone who regularly works from the couch.

    20. A cellphone stand so you don't miss an important text message while watching your fave show.

    21. An armrest caddy to store the remote in so it never gets lost between the cushions.

    22. A comfy onesie because it'll enhance your lounging experience by 300%.

    You, on any given night:

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