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    35 Home Products That'll Be A Serious Step Up From The Ones You Have Now

    Your dorm room furniture is going to live in a farm upstate.

    1. A printed duvet set made of ~cooling~ hygro cotton as a cozy transition from that set you bought for your dorm room eons ago.

    2. And some equally cool printed sheets you can mix and match with your brand new duvet.

    3. A bamboo dish drying rack that'll be an improvement in the meantime 'til you can shell out for a place that has a dishwasher. (Goals!)

    4. And a modern bottle drying rack to help declutter and serve as a helping hand when you're spooning leftovers into freezer bags.

    5. A gorgeous kettle with a stay-cool handle to finally replace that hand-me-down model your old roommate left behind.

    6. A storage basket/table — it'll be so much more pleasing to the eye than the overflowing fabric cube full of months-old magazines.

    7. Beechwood utensils can make a handsome replacement from those warped plastic utensils that helped you discover that hot pots can melt a plastic spoon!

    8. Glitzy shower curtain hooks to razzle dazzle as a bathroom focal point more than your lackluster plastic rings ever could.

    9. A stackable dinnerware set for four — it'll keep your meal right where you want it while looking so minimalist chic you could just die.

    10. An aluminum mouse pad for taking your mouse accuracy to new heights and looking gorgeous in your home office.

    11. A ceramic cookware set as an earth-shattering change from the collection of pots and pans you can't remember acquiring but made its way into your kitchen cabinets.

    12. A smart LED TV — it'll be a huge improvement over your laptop screen and make everyone wanna come over to your tiny apartment to watch the game. And college basketball season (the best sports season) is here!!!

    13. A fancy pants infusion pitcher to give your clouded plastic sale section pitcher the heave-ho because you've just become one of those people who not only drinks but MAKES their own cucumber water!

    14. Organic kitchen towels ready to take the v helpful place of those Halloween dish towels your mom sent you in a care package a few years back.

    15. And some incredibly soft bath towels that'll only get softer over time.

    16. Silk pillowcases — it'll be gentler on your hair and skin while making your bed look oh-so fancy.

    17. A tripod floor lamp because that model with bendable arms and colorful plastic shades you picked up before you could legally vote deserves to be retired.

    18. A coat rack with hooks that flip up when not in use so you won't become ensnared by an empty hook on a late-night trip to the fridge and scare yourself to death. (The stuff of urban legends.)

    19. A bamboo hamper to camouflage the dirty clothes your plastic hamper can't.

    20. An Instant Pot with 7(!!!) uses! It'll do so much more than your OG slow cooker.

    21. Baseball patent prints that'll show your love for the sport without bombarding house guests with your team's logo.

    22. A boho area rug underfoot to make the rest of your decor feel new and exciting again.

    23. A book-scented candle to burn while you're reading an actual book to make it a full-bodied experience. GTFO standard vanilla candles!

    24. Or a richly scented candle with freaking crystals in it to satisfy all your Instagram urges.

    25. Bottled matches (with a built-in striker) that'll look so much nicer than that bowl of bar matchbooks that's your go-to.

    26. A vinyl record holder as a one-up from a plastic crate that'll just *happen* to end up on your Insta every once in a while.

    27. A welcome mat designed to look like a mosaic tile floor — it'll make for the best #floorcore pics.

    28. A green tea-infused mattress as a cushy alternative for that mattress you bought from your roommate's cousin three years ago.

    29. A charming rattan headboard because even though you don't think you need a headboard, it will make your bedroom look so much better!

    30. An industrial storage cart so your house plants can have a nicer place than that old IKEA bookshelf you've had since college.

    31. A smart convection oven that might make you break up with your old toaster oven... and maybe even your actual oven?!

    32. Velvet accent chairs everyone will assume you dropped a paycheck on because of their pretty quilted backs. Time to put the old chairs on the curb!

    33. A faux-fur throw blanket for a glam look actually just thrown on your couch, unlike that novelty fleece blanket your Secret Santa gave you last year.

    34. A SLEEPER ottoman (yes, those are a thing!) that'll also make a wonderful surface to lounge on when you're awake.

    35. A kitchen cart with a granite top that no one could mistake for a utility cart.

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